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Know Mind Meditation

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Offers online services
Offers online services


You can google the word "meditation" and try it for yourself... but having done that years ago I would recommend finding a good teacher and allowing them to guide you .

I would be honored to be your teacher, but if you find I am not the right fit I will gladly help you find one that is.

I have dedicated my life to self study for the last 5 years ... became a yoga teacher 2 years ago and I am now currently writing a book on the depths of meditation.

I have taught over a hundred yoga classes ranging from beginners level to advanced. Yoga is a moving meditation.

Teaching meditation is my purpose in life. Living in line with my purpose is indescribably blissful. I can see immediate stress relief from my students and I love watching them become more and more balanced throughout the sessions.


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Marissa M.

Ryan is great! He’s a great teacher and really makes you feel comfortable with his warming vibe.
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October 11, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I always ask the student what they are seeking and adjust teachings accordingly :)

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

To be honest I haven't figured out pricing . I want to make a living teaching meditation but I also want to make it accessible to everyone. So I would say it is up to the student :)

I love working with a wide variety of students from ages 5 to 85 :)

I love seeing a student walk away from a session looking refreshed and ready for the week. 

Look for a teacher that will help you awaken the teacher within. Someone that resonates with you. A sincere teacher is a must.

If I am not your match then let's find your teacher together! 

What are you seeking?

Although you don't want to overthink things. Meditation teachers are prepared to guide you through all of it :) 

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