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I customize every yoga class to fit the needs of each student. So the focus and intensity of each class is never too much for the student to handle. Weather you need a full body work out, a full body stretch or a combination of both I've got just the lesson for you. Lessons are 1 hour long, scheduling and payment are as-you-go. I bring the music, the mats and the knowledge. I will also end a lesson with a guided meditation upon request.

Yoga is what brought me back to life 9 years ago after I almost died in a car wreck. After being injured and tramatized, It helped me mentally physically and emotionally. So it's something I really believe in and I love sharing this same peace and healing with each of my students.


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Rachel C.

I love how Olivia listens to me when I tell her what after of my body is hurting from my workouts and everyday life and helps target our time in a yoga session to exactly what I need to feel better. She also breaks everything down to understandable language and guides me into alternative moves if I can complete some of the more advanced moves. She always make me feel amazing no water what kind of week or day I have had. Best yoga instructors I have ever had hands down!
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August 20, 2019

Huong V.

Olivia is a fantastic yoga instructor! I used to hate yoga because other instructors did it so fast or use words I didnt understand. When I gave it a try again (with Olivia this time), I ended up coming to class more often and looked forward to my session each week. Olivia is very patient, listens to you, and connects with you to see if you have any injuries and adjusts her sessions according to YOUR needs.
She explains what each move targets and how it helps your overall health. I can say without a doubt that after each session, she leaves me feeling good mentally and physically. Not only does she get me healed and ready for my next weight training class, but my stress just melts away after the end of every class she teaches!
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August 14, 2019


Olivia is the most amazing yoga instructor I have ever experienced. She makes everyone on her class feel comfortable and confident. She takes people where they are, no pressure, no judgements. She knows how to challenge her students without overwhelming them. Best instructor ever!
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August 12, 2019

Frequently asked questions

We meet in a public place first, to get aquainted and talk about goals or limitations, then we schedule lessons and get started right away.

250 hours certified yoga teacher

Yoga brought me back to life mentally, physically and emotionally. When I was 17 I was in a severe life threatening car accident. I spent 2 months in the hospital after a 19 day coma and multiple broken bones. When they released me I was not myself, I could barely even walk. My recovery was hard and it is still an ongoing battle to keep my body working properly. I do yoga to stay alive and to help other people do the same.

I work with a lot of restorative students. Meaning seniors or people suffering with past injuries but I also have worked with a lot of people in there 20's-50"s who are doing it for fitness & athletic purposes. 

Any small accomplishment in myself or one of my students is just another encouraging reminder that yoga truly does make people happy 😊

Just make sure they have experience with customizing lessons based on the needs of the student 

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