Yoga N Da Hood

Yoga N Da Hood

Offers online services
Offers online services


We create diverse and inclusive wellness space accessible to everyone. Offering community and corporate yoga, mindfulness, and guided meditations

Creating a safe space (virtually or in person) where people can discover what wellness means to them.

Offering humans young and old tips and tricks to reduce stress and/or anxiety.


9 years in business
Serves Dallas , TX
Offers online services

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    800 hr RYTT

    Certifed Tramua Informed Yoga Therpist 

    Single/private group classes:1-5 people $75 for a one hour class  6-10 people $120.

    Six week GROUP class series: $50 per person (Minimum four people-maximum 10) Class meets weekly on same day for 6 consecutive weeks.

    Namaste Beautiful  People! My name is Ebony Smith a*k*a "The Ghetto Guru" certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach.


    I grew up in Dallas, Texas (Suspension that's  my Hood!) I had an rocky childhood to say  the least. I grew up with a secret eating  at my soul. The perfect recipe for a very turbulent  childhood.


    Molested by a women in the neighborhood  at a young age, I grew up in silences. 

    I became very disenchanted with school at young age. My cry for help showed up in the form of misbehaving and being disruptive, it created the attention I longed for.


     I spent most of my time suspended or in my regular seat in what they class ISS (In House Suspension); being labeled  as the "bad kid" 

    I became very rebellious. Lacking the skills to make choices that would serve my life in positive manner. These poor decision making skills tainted  my life  well into adulthood. 

    At the age of 29, after being married to a man I did't even know. I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child a*k*a My saving grace. Wanting to have a natural child birth my doctor advised me to start practicing  Yoga.

    My soul was awakened, my heart began  the healing process.  For the 1st time I was discovering  who I was  and who I could be.  I grow in this knowing everyday. 

    My life changing experience  with Yoga lead me to create Yoga N The Hood! A non profit  wellness outreach organization that teaches people in under served communities  the art of self healing and self love through the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness. We offer free Yoga and Meditation classes in a hood near you.  Our mission is to equip individuals with the tools to empower there own life. 

    Women Men Children 

    Working with adidas to bring yoga and mindfulness to children in underserved communities 

    Be sure to hire someone who will help you fund wellness for yourself. An instructor that creates a safe and inclusive space for wellness.

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