Innate Strength Martial Arts

Innate Strength Martial Arts



Specialized in an older combative version of Taiji from the Chen village in Henan, China. We offer authentic, true to the roots, Chen style Taijiquan (Tai chi chuan). The components of Chen Taiji are principles encompassing striking (with the whole body), locking and seizing, takedowns, and neutralization.

Curriculum includes:

-Taiji Principles and Fundamentals

-Footwork, arm/hand work, bodywork conditioning

-Sensitivity drills and "push" hands

-Alignment, breathing and whole body awareness balance training (often called Qigong)

-Form analysis and combat application training

-Taiji biomechanics and proper usage of refined force

-Strength training specific for Taijiquan

-Mindset and fighting psychology (how to apply Taiji for sparring and actual combat)

As a whole art, Taijiquan is a system that is holistic in terms of balancing out both mind and body while giving you an edge against an otherwise stronger, bigger and faster opponent. It uses principles and tools to leverage and even out the playing field as far as martial arts goes. If interested, schedule your first free private lesson in learning this ancient art.

Knowing how to balance both hard and soft aspects and encompassing a philosophy that is several hundreds of years old. It is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation and in a way, I find enjoyment in knowing that I can pass down this ancient knowledge to those willing to learn and be responsible about it.


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Frequently asked questions

I assess their skill level, mind-body awareness and see what needs to be worked on. By getting to know the student, I figure out what is the best way they are able to learn and adapt from there to get a lesson taught. Typically, I take everyone through fundamentals of how to stand, how to breathe, how to activate and use parts of their bodies that may have not been used before and give a regiment of what needs to be worked on in order to be progressive and build off a solid foundation. As far as martial arts goes, a student will be getting a martial arts education and be expected to know principles (bringing a notebook or writing things down will be extremely helpful). It is both mind and body engagement as it is a skill there are learning. 

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