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Brian Buturla, owner of Brian Buturla Studios is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and 1,000 hour Dharma Yoga Teacher. Working from his Private Studio in Norwalk, CT - Brian delivers the best Personal Training Session and Yoga Class experience available! With you every step of the way Brian has the perfect Health and Fitness Program for your needs and goals. Beginners welcome! Yogi Brian offers Private Yoga Instruction, Therapeutic Rehabilitative Yoga and Group Yoga Classes to individuals seeking enlightenment and transformation. Teaching by example with compassion and inspiration Trainer Brian is a Performance Enhancement Specialist with over 24 years experience and 10,000+ Private Sessions serviced!


Established in 1995.

24 Years in East Norwalk, same location.

The name Brian Buturla and Private Studio have gone hand in hand for more than a quarter of a century.

Brian has personally customized the Private Studio Personal Training and Yoga experience for individuals for with almost every conceivable health restriction and limitation. Whether you are new to fitness or yoga, or a seasoned professional Private Studio Personal Training and Yoga with Brian will help you connect to the exercises and movements that are appropriate, right and healing for your current condition.

A Completely Private Yoga and Fitness Studio dedicated to serving one individual and their goals at a time.

Brian Buturla Studios is now offering ONLINE LEARNING - all you need is a laptop, cell phone or tablet and Brian can bring his Personal Training or Private Yoga Sessions remotely to you wherever you may be. Dharma Yoga Group Classes also being offered via Zoom. Sign up today!


1 employee
28 years in business
Serves Norwalk , CT

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    Donna M.

    When I started with Yogi Brian, I was sedentary. I was instantly transformed in my private lessons, my body became flexible and I became less stressed. I see him intermitantly now which I need to fix! Every small thing he taught me reaped huge rewards for me mentaly and physicaly. I Have reccomended him to everyone I know. He is a gift.
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    December 26, 2020

    Stacie K.

    So, I am a RYT-500 whose personal practice hit a roadblock. I felt like I just couldnt find the right balance between my physical and spiritual practice (my spiritual practice is very solid). Quite by accident, I came across Yogi Brians website (and I really dont believe in accidents!). I read all about his practice and I read the reviews. I sent an email and was responded to promptly with a good time to call. After speaking with Brian, I knew I needed to sign up for a private session. I signed up for two hours (I live 1.5 hours away). I just left my session and can I say, this was the BEST, most productive 2 hours EVER! Brian is extremely knowledgable, his instructions are crystal clear and he works with you at your own personal level. What really impressed me is that he had put together, ON PAPER, a specific 2 hour session for me after hearing from me what I needed that he gave to me when I left. My challenges were in arm balances and I had been struggling with some of the asanas for MONTHS. Although I know that asanas are a small part of YOGA, that was what I needed to work on. I not only landed the poses I was looking for, I landed a couple I had never done before. That definitely put the spark back into the physical part of the practice that has been missing for me. I have already signed up for my next session! If you are a seasoned practitioner or someone who is just starting, I cant recommend Brian enough...even if you live farther away, it is most definitely worth the ride. ~Namaste
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    December 26, 2020

    mariella c.

    I have had the pleasure to meet Brian few years back when I was looking to start Yoga in Norwalk and had his classes and got to see the human side of this extraordinary man. It’s a rare opportunity in the area we live in to come into contact with someone like Brian. His great respect for yoga, for the people that attend classes and the actual yoga studio surrounding itself, is unmatched. Because of his knowledge of eastern philosophy, his presence alone is peaceful but yet disciplined. Brian is one of the most unique, genuine, loving and dedicated yoga practitioners I’ve met. He is one of those rare people you meet in life that you never forget and I know that people will be taken on an unforgettable yoga journey like none other. Thank you and Namaste! Mariella
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    December 26, 2020

    Kyle C.

    The life of Pre-Med student is vigorous. My tenacious dream has always and will be to become the first M.D. in my family no matter the cost. With school on the side, I work a part-time job to save for my further education. The stress relievers I have in my life are working out, music, and reading for fun. One of those is the hardest to accomplish. I used to like working out in a gym, having your body work for you is one of the greatest feelings. Unfortunately, the gym I have attended for years became hostile and a judgmental environment. Everyone was trying to outdo one another. I knew this is not what I wanted to do as a part of my relaxation to try and compete with men/women next to me. I grew sick of it every time I went. One day in my Therapy Counseling Class, my professor brought up the importance of yoga and meditation for clients and yourself. I was astonished. I have heard of yoga before, but never really knew its purpose and how deep it could affect somebody. This thought lingered with me for some time until this Summer. I decided enough was enough. I wanted a new workout routine and most importantly new journey to go on. What I found was Yogi Brian.
    Yogi Brian has taught me the value of adding peaceful meditation to each and every day. His relaxation sessions are incredible and after every one I feel the most refreshed I have felt in years. After a class of yoga and meditation I feel that I can take on the world!
    I still remember my first class with Yogi Brian. He introduced me to the class and we got started. We got to a section in the class involving a headstand and all I could think was Man, this is tough. I dont know if I can do this. Yogi Brian then approached me during this exercise. What I learned was Yogi Brian is the most selfless, attentive trainer and teacher I have ever had. He helped me with every step in the first class and has not stopped in my tenth class. I can now say I can do a perfect headstand, and more thanks to him. Yogi Brian just doesnt look at me, but looks after all of his students like family and wants to make sure they are having a successful journey in Dharma Yoga. I still remember when Yogi Brian pulled me aside one day in a training session to discuss my history and what I want out of yoga. I told him my past and my dreams and he has done nothing but try to help me achieve them by helping me achieve a healthy conscious and subconscious through yoga.
    I try to attend classes twice a week. Yogi Brians classes are what help me get through my week, because they are what I look most forward to. His classes have helped me build a stronger body that was unattainable with just lifting weights and using machines at the gym. His classes have also taught me valuable importance of balance and posture, things that are very important, but never really looked at. Yogi Brian has never stopped believing in me that I can do my best.
    I truly believe that all students should at least try yoga once in their college careers. It has done absolute wonders on my mind, body, and soul. I used to be very hard on myself, until I started doing yoga and found a deeper inner peace that I could not find anywhere else. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity Yogi Brain has granted me and I hope that more students will follow the path of yoga/meditation for healthier lives and careers.
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    December 26, 2020

    Maggie S.

    My experience at Yogi Brians studio has been so positive.. It is a relate-able and non judgemental zone where you get insight, conversation, exercise, meditation, and deep breathing, to name a few! I have not been able to stop talking it up to anyone who is open to listening. Every time I leave class I never feel dissatisfied or like I did not get my moneys worth because it is worth every cent and more. I feel like this is a place where I will be practicing for many years to come because yoga is more of a necessity at this point than a luxury and that is because of the mind, body, and soul benefits this studio has to offer! If you want real yoga and to be a part of community, this is where its at! Enjoy!
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    December 26, 2020

    Elona N.

    Yogi Brian changed my life 2 yrs ago. He has helped me through meneries disease with active vertigo. I was able to get off most of my medicines and I can do inversions with vertigo. He helped me figure out my triggers. I am able to do poses I never thought I could do. He has also helped me eat healthier and I was able to lose 20lbs. I dont know where I would be today without him.
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    December 26, 2020

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