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Christine Nye has practiced yoga for over 20 years. She was first introduced to Iyengar yoga, loving the therapeutics, strength and alignment of a pose. She then ventured out into the beauty of Anusara yoga, loving the heart opening style and energy. Christine received her 200 hour Hatha Teacher Training from Sarah Starnes in 2010.She combines both styles, teaching others how to heal their body and mind through the asanas. Christine also is an artist/designer, using her creative talents to beautify and enrich others homes and lives. Previously, she and her husband were in the full-time ministry for 14 years. She loves life and has a passion for sharing her life and teaching others.

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Lombard, IL 60148
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  • Albena

    I have taken Christine Nye's yoga classes and workshops at Ahmisa and I also took private yoga lessons with her. She is an excellent yoga instructor. Her explanations of yoga poses is easy to understand and she also provided helpful modifications to poses that were difficult for me to do. I like that she has a mindful and holistic approach to instruction and focuses on both body and mind. In addition to teaching the correct execution of yoga poses, she also coaches her students, including myself, on proper posture and walking. For instance, I had no idea that possibly my entire life I had been walking with my left toes pointing straight and right toes pointing to the right until she pointed it out and suggested a correction. Changing minor things like that has had a huge impact on my well being. I would recommend Christine's classes to people from all walks of life and flexibility levels who want to practice yoga.

  • Yoshinao

    have to thank you for presenting such a wonderful class! More people should know about it. I think its so wonderful that I think it should be held more often. Just wanted you to know, I just got back from trotting with my dog! I won’t have thought of doing this a month ago...I have balance issues. Normally, I consider myself pretty lucky to not trip or fall clumsily to the ground. Not to mention, achy knees and ankles which make just walking a challenge sometime. So to practically run with my dog is pretty amazing. I really would like to thank you for covering my ankles with the blanket. never did that before but it felt so warm and just wonderful. In Chinese medicine which I practice...the ankles and knees reflect the Kidneys which are related to the reproductive organs-function. In prolapse there are other energies involved but basically if your Kidney is weak other organs tend to be weak too. We treat the problem by warming the Kidneys. The blanket on the ankles served that function just fine. I tend to turn the Chinese Medicine side of me off when I do Yoga but I’m going to change that to use everything I can to become more aware. The thing I’ve taken away from your class is that I need to focus more on maintaining that sense of fluidity and balance I’ve had these past days. I know I’ve only addressed balance and not so much the prolapse, I can’t quite put my finger on it but your class touched on something that sparked my awareness about how balance and my reproductive organs connect. Thanks for the warmth and support Sincerely, Yoshinao

  • Pam Hamilton

    Chris is an excellent yoga instructor. She is very patient, helping you to achieve the correct pose and at the same time realizing limitations. She is very knowledgeable and uses an overall holistic approach in her practice. I highly recommend!

  • Brenda

    I have practiced Hatha Yoga with a female instructor, in her home, once a week, with a rotating group of 5 other women for 7 years. When my 84 year old father moved in with me, I felt he, too, could benefit from the practice of Yoga. This was an activity we wanted to do together; however, the instructor was unwilling to accommodate my father. A coworker recommended that I contact Yoga instructor Chris Nye. Chris was willing to come to my home and evaluate our space. Chris works with me to continue my practice and teach my father, who had no previous experience. She modifies each position to accommodate my level and my father’s. She is very positive, kind and patient with both of us. My father has been very encouraged with his progress and flexibility. My father and I have had private, weekly, in home sessions with Chris since January 2017. My father and I both highly recommend Chris, regardless of your age or experience’s never too late!

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