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Offers online services
Offers online services


We are highly focused on the spiritual and personal journey yoga and meditation offers. Discovering your true self and inner warrior. Connecting with yourself and the universe. Grounding you to meet your higher self and start your journey. Unblocking any limiting beliefs that clogged that channel, to your true self. We absolutely adore helping children as well. We've had great success with those battling depression and anxiety.

Watching people change their lives! Hands down!

Watching them grow, set and crush goals, gain an incredible peace they thought was unattainable, start living a life they thought wasn't possible. Even just small improvements in those directions, gain momentum and snowball into things you never saw coming. Watching you watch your life take off and seeing that excitement in your eyes, see pure joy in someone who has deserved that for so long...is my everything in this!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

For me, it's all about getting to know you. My work with you is tailor-made to you.

All of our sessions are one on one and all about you and what your goals are. Things begin to open and flow. The more I know about, the more we can address. My only desire is that we get you living the life you want, crave, and desire.

We can go all in and set up a great plan where we meet regularly and fiercely go get everything you want. We can also do session by session and see how you're jiving with things. It's all up to you. Again, it's all about YOU! What's best for you? What works for you?

Whatever we do, we do together. However, I also give you great things you can work on or include in your own practice at home.

To start, I always give you an assessment and my recommendation. You'll have a few options to choose from, and I always say choose what FEELS the best for you. Are you beyond excited to start and commit and eager to get everything you're looking for? Awesome, let's dive in! That is amazing! I'm with you! Are you a little nervous and not so sure what this is all about? Cool. Me too when I first started (I've got some funny stories from back then). Let's do one session, see how it feels (for you), and take it from there.

Depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, chronic pain, self-esteem, insomnia, digestive issues, hormones, migraines, self-sabotage, breaking old behaviors and patterns that no longer suit us, Parkinson's symptoms and side effects, panic attacks, emotional eating, fatigue, circulation, diabetes, codependancy, narcissistic abuse, grief and loss...these are just a few things I have and currently help clients with. 

Example case study: Female in her 30's. Her goal was learning yoga and meditation to take control of her anxiety (which was becoming more crippling over time). 

Our first session we set an intention, we did a brief focused meditation, then included yoga, transfering into our ending meditation. 

In her assesment I learned a lot more about her needs. So we included a cupping session at the end. I cupped her back and shoulders for all the tension she was carrying, as well as for her digestive issues and circulation.

I wanted to introduce reflexology as well, as it's an incredible therapy, and remarkable in assisting the body in healing itself. She expressed her feet being touched has never been something she has been comfortable with. Totally cool! Here's where I think it could help, should you change your mind. By our second session she was ready and asked me if we could add it to our plan. Of course! I was honestly stoked. By our second session, she ditched the fear, and wanted everything and anything that could improve this journey for her. 

We learned that her self-care game was nonexistant. She's a caretaker for sure. She loves putting others first. Putting herself first and tending to her own needs was brand new territory at first. Now she claims it's a full on addiction. YES! 

We also learned incense brings her to her "happy place" in mere seconds, eucalyptus allows her to breathe when her anxiety is high, and cupping her lower abdomen for cramps is GOLD.

My favorite is learning some of the old patterns and behaviors that worked against her for so long, and we reshaped them to work FOR her! 

The only goal she saw in the begining was learning tools to cope with anxiety. We could have done one session if she wanted. There is plenty to gain from that, I promise. I'm also no salesperson, so I'll never try to "sell" you on more than one session, or anything for that matter. I'm here for you! Your needs! Whatever they may be. It's your path, your journey, your life. This is all about you! Have I stressed that enough yet (lol)?

For her specific case, she wanted to try three sessions and take it from there. After the third session, she took a week or so to see how she felt. 

She really liked her results and felt she was good to go. A few weeks later she reached out to start a weekly session.  We set an intention (or a few), did a guided meditation (specifically made for her), a yoga sequence (specifically made for her), and some self love and care for her to do at home, as well as specific journal prompts, designed to reveal things to her she couldn't see clearly yet.

She accomplished a great deal. We kept our weekly sessions for a little over two months. She wanted to go down to monthly and see how she felt. We did monthly for a while. She developed a closer connection to her own personal practice over time. Things started really blossoming for her in all areas of her life. She felt transformed. I suggested she focus on her personal practice without me for a while and see how it goes. That's not for everyone. She was worried she wouldn't have the self-dicipline. We kicked that thought to the curb real quick, and she kicked off her own thing for a while. The relationship she had with herself was becoming this beautiful thing. I wanted her to be able to focus on that, but I was right here if ever needed. 

She enjoyed her personal practice for almost as long as we initially worked together. I got many lovely updates along the way. She was on fire and it was incredible to see. 

She had a loss in the family, someone very close to her, and it was unexpected. This became a very dark time for her. She let everything she was doing fall by the wayside, and she didn't know how to get it back. So we started back up again. It was a critical time, so we did daily sessions for a while, then weekly, and now she keeps a session with me once a month. She calls it a part of her "checks and balances". 

My typical process for working with a new student...looks like that. A plan for you, based on you, that resonates with you. I don't think I've ever had two plans that looked the same. 

Certified in Reflexology, Yoga, Meditation, Cupping, and Coaching

A standard pricing system would be lovely, and so much easier. However, being based on the individual, we need that flexibility. Matching the results you seek to the budget you have in mind is something I have always strived for.

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