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LAUGHING RIVER® offers martial arts workshops and classes for wellness and self-protection. We instruct on how to defend from stress, poor health, impaired physical balance, sexual violence, and the threat of criminal assault. We offer classes in tai chi, meditation, jujitsu, falling safety, enhanced agility, martial arts enrichment programs, pressure point combat, kung fu and women’s self-defense. Whether our client’s challenge is emotional strain, poor physical health, or an unavoidable violent confrontation, the LAUGHING RIVER® will show you how to “Let It Flow”, and bring balance and harmony back into your life.

I have a 6th degree Black Belt in Jujitsu and I also teach Tai Chi. I have been teaching martial arts in NYC and Long Island for over 40 years. At Long Islands Largest Martial Arts Event, Just For Champions, I was presented the 2010 Hall of Fame, Platinum Warrior Lifetime Achievement Award, commemorating my 37 years in the martial arts. A wonderful art form, martial arts is a means to improve one's health and a means of self-protection. What's not to like about that. The way I teach is to prepare my students to one day become thinking, problem solving, creative martial artist. Martial arts is not just about physical self-protection. I teach my students to use the stratergies and wisdom learned in class to solve problems in their everyday life. I teach them to become leaders within their communities.

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  • Jeffrey Robinson

    The Laughing River is a serious school of martial arts. I have enjoyed my instruction in Tai chi chuan. The classes are small and great attention is given to execution of the moves and incorporating the Qi Gong breathing techniques into the forms. While the exercise is great sefou Dino Blanche doesn't disregard the combative aspects of his teachings. I honestly cannot find anything to critique in a negative way.

  • Dawud G. Delves

    While staying true to formal and traditional Japanese Jujitsu techniques, Sensei Dino Blanche at the Laughing River Dojo supplements these techniques with a thorough knowledge and implementation of attitudes one should cultivate, and be aware of, to successfully facilitate said techniques. These attitudes are coupled with the knowledge of the movements and characteristics of simple machines to aid in a fluid, but structured, technical execution. Dino Sensei also introduces unique and lesser known techniques into the traditional training to ensure the training is robust, captivating, and above all fun. During the last six years I have been training with Sensei Dino, I have noticed a increase in flexibility, personal and spatial awareness, and overall mindfulness. All of this while learning physical and mental techniques which aid to my personal protection and and the protection of those around me. My son, who once suffered from asthma before and while training with Sensei Dino, has benefited greatly from the increased activity as well as the breathing techniques introduced during training at the Laughing River Dojo. The meditative sessions aided him in relaxing, breathing, and reflection to manage his ailment, while offering me a method to coach and comfort him during times of distress. During the last six years of training, along with management of his ailment to the point of eradication, I have seen my son grow with confidence and strength not seen in too many other teens. I believe that the training at Laughing River Dojo with Dino Sensei, along with the both of us training together is greatly responsible for his development thus far, as well will be responsible for his continued progress.

  • Tito Carbo

    I, Tito Carbo father of the student John Carbo, Would like to express my utmost gratitude and deepest satisfaction with the laughing River Academy and Master Dino Blanche. I've recognized that since my son started attending the Academy, there has been a tremendous improvement in his behavior at home, academically, socially and emotionally. Additionally, this program has helped my son significantly with his a ADHD condition. His self-esteem and his relationship with others has improved greatly. I would definitely recommend friends, family and colleagues to seek the services of the laughing Rivers Academy, for the positive development of their children's future. Sincerely, Tito Carbo

  • Kahlil Smith

    There's so much to learn here, it feels like I'm earning a doctorate in martial arts. The instruction is very methodical, building you up from a basis of very specific principles and attitudes. We're unlearning the conventional values of aggression, while exploring the power of a gentle approach to conflict. Not just for the physical fight, these skills can be applied to the common struggles we face every day.

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

I like to start out slowly, observing what a student's assets are. My interest in teaching is to bring forth a students natural talents and abilities. I like to build a students skills set and physical conditioning step by step. Incresing their abilities in areas that are more and more challenging. I find that often what a student believes is their weakness is actually their strength.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Dino Blanche is the founder of The LAUGHING RIVER ® Martial Arts School, and a teacher of Taoist and Zen philosophy. He is the creator of  ASP (ANATOMY OF SELF-PROTECTION) ® a pressure point fighting system, RG8T (REVERSE G8TRAINING) ® special agility training, and ISB (INTERNAL SHADOW BOXING) ® warriors’ meditation. He is a Master teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Ju-jitsu. At Long Islands Largest Martial Arts Event, Just For Champions, Mr. Blanche was presented the 2010 Hall of Fame, Platinum Warrior Lifetime Achievement Award, commemorating his 37 years in the martial arts. In 2008 he won 2nd place: Kung Fu Forms in Seiko Hanshi H. Diaz Tournament of Champions. Mr. Blanche is Certified in SQUAD SCHOOL SURVIVAL TRAINING. Trained in marksmanship, land navigation, patrolling. Target detection, range estimation, team building, and survival planning. Dino J. Blanche has lectured at Brooklyn College, Parsons School of Design, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, The Gary Null Support Group, The Lewis Latimer House and The Partnership for After School Education. For over 40 years, Dino J. Blanche has been teaching art and martial arts and designing award-winning arts & education programs. His grant winning programs at Cooper Union, Jamaica Center for Art, and ABC No Rio have been a part of a National Consortium of organizations sponsored by the Lila Wallace (Reader’s Digest) Foundation.

What types of students have you worked with?

2015 -2016      Self-Protection Instructor for The Brooklyn     Latin High School.


2014 – 2015   Self-Protection Instructor for the Women’s Empowerment Society, at John Jay College, CUNY


2015               Tai Chi for All, a series of 7 workshops at various library branches in Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island. The couse introduced children and adults to Tai Chi and a basics Self-Defense class, at the New York Public Library, NYC.


2015               Childrens Martial Arts Sampler, an 8 session couse that introduced young students to the basics of Self-Defense, at the Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center Queens, NY.



2012 – 2014   Tai Chi, and Women’s Self-Defense class. Instructed women in the Tai Chi form and an ASP (ANATOMY OF SELF-PROTECTION)® workshop at Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center Queens, NY.


2012 – 2013   Jujitsu Instructor at Maspeth High School Queens, NY. Designed and implemented a customized Self-Protection after school program for High School students.


2009 – 2011     Tai Chi Instructor at The McCarton School, NYC. Taught a customized Tai Chi program for children with autism, ages 5 through 15. The children learn, chi kung (breathing) exercises, and the Yang style Tai Chi form.


             2008 – 2009    Art and Archery Instructor, at the Queens Museum of Art. A summer program for children combining the disciplines of visual art, and martial art (archery) in the great outdoors of Flushing Meadow Park.


2007                          Wellness and Empowerment Instructor for the Ne Quan C. Mc LeanSCO Family Services (also called “Family Dynamics”), My Company, The Laughing River, provided wellness service through moving meditation, and martial arts (RG8T ®) to “at risk” Flushing High School students in Queens NY.


            2006 – Present  President of Laughing River LLC, a training and consulting service in Tai Chi, Jujitsu, ISB (INTERNAL SHADOW BOXING)® Meditation, ASP (ANATOMY OF SELF-PROTECTION)® and RG8T (REVERSE G8 TRAINING)® for exclusive groups, private institutions and individuals. Studio located in Elmhurst, Queens NY

2006                         Jujitsu Instructor at Harlem Children’s Zone, Promise Academy Charter School. Jujitsu classes for young children ages 5-8

2002 – 2004    Tai Chi Instructor, for adults at The Jamaica Center for Art and Learning in Queens NY.

2002                Instructor at Peridance Studios. Instructor of “Reverse Gravity 8 Training,” (RG8T ®) a new innovative martial arts movement class designed to aid actors, dancers and choreographers, in NYC.

1993 – 2002    Instructor of Laughing River Jujitsu at The Cooper Union College and Bleecker Street Brooklyn Dojo ([email protected]) Jujitsu classes for adults and children, Tai Chi and Lok Hop Ba Fa (Water Boxing) classes & Private lessons.

2000 – 2001    Tai Chi Instructor at Hope Garden/ Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. Tai Chi classes for senior citizens in Brooklyn NY.                     

1990 – 1993    Chief Instructor at the American Academy for Progressive Martial Arts at Cooper Union. Jujitsu classes for adults.

1987 – 1990    Director and Facilitator of  Martial Arts Forums at The Cooper Union College. Hosted experimental workshop where martial artists of different styles gathered to exhibit and exchange techniques.

1984 – 1987    Head Instructor of the Hell’s Kitchen Dojo. Jujitsu classes for adults in NYC.

1982 – 1984    Head Instructor of the Fourteen Street Dojo. Jujitsu classes for adults in NYC.


1979 – 1982    Head Instructor at the Harlem Disco Dojo. Jujitsu classes for children ages 6 to 16 in Harlem, NYC.

1974                        Assistant Teacher at Jerome Mackey’s, franchised martial arts school. Taught Judo and Jujitsu classes for children in Bayshore, Long Island, NY