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Our locally owned dojo, established in March, 2008, is the only dojo in Austin to offer traditional Shotokan karate to students ages 5 to adult in our South, Central and North Austin locations.

Our program, taught by passionate, caring and supportive internationally accredited instructors, emphasizes the physical, emotional and mental training of each student at age, fitness and skill appropriate levels. At Austin Karate for Kids, our students are NOT just another face: we strive to know EACH student PERSONALLY by name, personality, skill level and expecations, so that they can benefit the most from our program.

We are NOT a commercial dojo! We DON'T have registration or belt exam fees. We strongly believe that belts should be EARNED (not bought!). Every one of our students progresses at their own pace, through hard-work, patience, perseverance and personal growth, to earn their next belt. Our philosophy is that karate is a life-long, life-changing journey, A WAY OF LIFE.

Watching our students develop through training skills that will serve them not only in the dojo, but on their daily lives: focus, discipline, confidence, team spirit, respectful attitude, leadership, strength of character, the desire to always do the RIGHT thing, the RIGHT way, EVERY TIME.


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    Elya S.

    It all started when one of my sons started his karate journey with Sensei Chip at the age of almost 5. He has been asking to try karate, so we hopped from studio to studio in Austin, trying to find a good one. What we found was that they were all play-based, sticker-rewarded, short classes, once a week, for a very hefty fee. Most off-putting was the lack of discipline, it just didnt feel like martial arts class. So, my mother-in-law, who was born and raised in Japan, somehow found Austin Karate for Kids online and insisted that if Kiyoshi trains in karate, he trains at a traditional Shotokan studio. She is a wise woman and we are so grateful that she insisted.
    About the class: this is the only dojo that trains kids in traditional Shotokan karate style. Class begins with a salute and meditation, then a discussion/words of wisdom from the Sensei, and then kids work HARD, for two hours. Hard, as in their gi gets drenched with sweat, especially after sparring days. Its a decent size class, so some advanced belts rotate teaching younger belts (which is an amazing experience for both). Kids in class are good people. They are humble, respectful, and so hard-working. They are taught discipline and perseverance. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing your child is in this kind of environment. We just got back from a tournament with other martial arts schools. Humbleness aside, Austin Karate Kids stood out. Yes, their katas were precise and beautiful, their sparring was skillful, but most important, their behavior was humble and respectful. Teachers of other schools noticed that too and complemented Sensei Chip.
    And about Sensei Chip: he was born and raised in Romania, one of the best places to learn and master Shotokan karate. He has a very strong presence in class. He expects a lot from the students and pushes them to be their personal best. And boy, do they look up to him and admire him. He teaches them so much more than kicks and punches. He teaches them to navigate through life, never ever give up, and be kind.
    Fast forward 6 years… both of our sons AND my husband are training at Austin Karate for Kids. It is such a big part of their life. We signed up at first to learn self-defense and get some exercise, but they are getting so much more from it. It is so true, karate is a way of life.
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    March 09, 2018



    Great instructor. He teaches respect and skills, not just belts. When you get a new belt, you know you earned it.
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    February 14, 2018


    Kevin M.

    It is really all ages and levels. Chip is a good teacher.
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    February 14, 2018


    Christina A.

    My daughter and I have been training at Austin Karate for Kids for over 4 years. I like that this dojo focuses on traditional karate training where students are expected to learn not just physical training but also the values of respect, hard work, and perseverance. Karate has helped us both build self confidence and focus in ways we couldn’t have found anywhere else.
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    February 12, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I like to know my student's character, motivation and expectations and then, start working from there, to help him/her reach his/her goals. We're always beginning with basics (the "a, b, c" of karate): breathing, stances, blocks, punches, kicks etc. and evolving to more advanced stuff once the basics are mastered.

    I started training in traditional Shotokan Karate back in 1990, in my native country, Romania and earned my black belt in 1997. I started teaching around the same time and never stopped since, continuing after I moved to United States. In March, 2008, I founded Austin Karate for Kids.

    Our tuition is $85/month and includes all the aspects of the instruction. Our philosophy is that belts have to be EARNED, not bought - therefore we don't charge any belt exam fees.

    Also, there's NO registration fee.

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