Davenriche European Martial Arts School

Davenriche European Martial Arts School

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We offer Italian and English Martial arts.

We have three tracts available.

Medieval martial arts

Renaissance martial arts

Modern martial arts

I enjoy introducing and teaching people to the European Heritage of martial arts.


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24 years in business
Serves Santa Clara , CA

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Niko P.

My experience was that Steaphen was patient, warm, and supportive during my instruction. I would highly recommend his tutelage to learner of any age interested in learning European martial arts!
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December 16, 2016


Greg F.

Sidesword and buckler seminar in NZ. Really enjoyed the lesson! Steaphen has a fantastic report with students, is very knowledgeable, and even sparred with me at the endbofbthe day! I respect this a great deal, too few maestros are willing to spar with the students. I would not hesitate to recommend Steaphen Fick as an instructor, and hope hell make his way to Aotearoa again!
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December 16, 2016


Michael Q.

Steaphen does a great job teaching. He takes the time to teach the topic at hand in a clear and concise manner. And goes over the mateial until you understand it.
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December 15, 2016


Mark G.

Currently a student of Steaphens and the experience has been and continues to be incredible. It is a rare gift when someone shares their passion and expertise as effectively and genuinely as he does. Take a lesson from him. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
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December 15, 2016

Frequently asked questions

Our curriculum is set up so that we can personalized every lesson for each student.

I begin training with the longsword and other European weapons in 1989. I competed in tournaments for 25 yearso, and begin teaching in 2000.

Lessons are set up by the hours attended per week. This allows you to work your training schedule into your life schedule. You can come to training when it is most convenient for you.

I began teaching when one of my wife's friends asked me to teach her twelve-year-old boy sword fighting. He is now and instructor in Los Angeles and inducted into the martial arts hall of fame twice.

We work with children and adults. We have worked with high school students, college students, doctors, real estate professionals, lawyers and IT professionals.  we have worked with such a variety of people that our  school community is very diverse.

Make sure the instructor you choose has a practical experience as well as experience working with historic manuscript. This gives the instructor, and yourself, a better understanding of the European martial arts.

Services offered

Mixed Martial Arts