Adriel's Martial Arts Camp

Adriel's Martial Arts Camp

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I am dedicated to passing down the teachings of my Masters and instructors that I have had over the years. The mental and spiritual side of martial arts is very important to me. It is so easy to stray toward wanting to know how to fight without the discipline needed in order to be able to fight well.

You are capable of more than you think; I push my students to embody the principles of a true martial artist and prepare them to defend themselves if needed. Work your way up to pro fighter endurance and get a great workout all while learning how to strike with power and proper technique.

I enjoy seeing the mental and physical progress of my students as they learn to better control their bodies and develop a solid skillset of martial arts techniques. I love teaching my students about the history of different martial arts styles and their philosophies so that they get a better understanding of the art and an appreciation for the culture that the style originates from.


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    Greta S.

    Adriel focuses on conditioning the body as well as sharpening martial arts skills and techniques. He has a great eye for correcting form. Best of all, its obvious he loves what he does.
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    July 05, 2019

    Darryl M.

    Adriel is one of the best instructors in NYC! He has an amazing balance of not only teaching great technique but also being able to give a full body workout, while making it an enjoyable experience at all times!
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    July 04, 2019

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    Wold Taekwondo Association Kukkiwon black belt 

    WTMA black belt 

    Muay Thai practitioner 

    MMA instructor 8 years 

    I fell into teaching at the Dojang I trained at when I was in my late teens. I fell in love with carrying on the tradition of martial arts and it's principles. I never chose to start teaching, it was my Master's decision for me to teach classes, but I believe it was meant to happen and I have been instructing private to large group martial arts classes for 8 years. 

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