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We teach both sport MMA and street self defense such as Krav Maga. Our program is great for average people who just want to learn self defense, earn a black belt, or get in shape as well as fighter training. All of our trainers have many years of training, competing, teaching, and coaching.

It's truly my passion. I love teaching and giving my knowledge to others. I get a sense of pride when I hear how I have a positive effect on children whether it be building confidence or teaching discipline. I am still learning and plan on continuing my study of the martial arts.


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Frequently asked questions

We start everyone with two free classes.  Classes are an hour for kids and one hour and fifteen minutes for adults.  Depending on what class a student is attending we warm up with some drills to build strength and speed, we stretch, and train martial arts.  What that means is we will do many different activities from hitting pads or heavy bags to sparring, grappling, street self defense, weapons training, etc...

I hold a 2nd degree black belt in American Bu Kyoko Ryu which translates to (mixed military system).  Our style combined traditional Karate with boxing, kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Kali, and other weapons training.

I wrestled in Jr High and part of High School (3 yrs total)

1996 TBC Kickboxing Illinois State Champ

1 night per week - $75.00 per month

2 nights per week - $100.00 per month

Unlimited classes - $120.00 per month

2 people unlimited - $150.00 per month

$25.00 per each additional family member

When I was a little kid I remember watching Samurai Sunday with my brother and being fascinated with martial arts and being a Sensei. I started my training at age 18yr with a school called Z's Martial Arts under Rob and Jim Zbilski.  I started assisting classes when I was a brown belt when my instructor would ask me if I wanted to help.  I of course was thrilled.  I was working construction at the time and didn't enjoy what I was doing.  One day after I was already assisting and teaching classes my instructor asked me if I would work for him.  I learned under both brothers not only martial arts, but how to teach, train others, manage, and operate a school.

I have worked with almost everyone.  The youngest was 3 1/2 yrs and the oldest was 69.  I've worked with both men and women.  I've worked with both physical and learning disabled children.  I've worked with average people an I've trained amateur fighters.


I would figure out what you are looking for.  Most people want both fitness and self defense.  If that's the case I would look for a school that teaches a mixed martial arts system.  Something that combines both stand up fighting with ground fighting.  Unless you plan on competing I would also find a school that teaches street self defense as well.  If possible I would also look for a school that offers a belt system.  The UFC and MMA has proven that ultimately you need to be well rounded.  I believe MMA is excellent for practical fighting one on one.  However, a street figh is not an MMA match.

What are you looking for?

Can you afford around $80-100 per month?

Look at schedules and see if it fits into your life and how.

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