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All training is "Legacy"  this means it is correct and authentic in all aspects.  True to the origin and updated for modern society.

Rigorous with unique training methods not found elsewhere

Mahaji has specialty of scholarship and recovery of the rare, very effective  ways that are at the core of great martial arts and yoga

Mahaji has "hijacked" the Yang family to the 1st generation and is now in possession of the lost tech and methods not taught even by the Yang family ( who teaches 3rd gen and deficient form missing 5 parts ).  Jiang has the COMPLETE system; sword, saber, and fighting secrets for those interested in learning. 

Dr Harkins specialty is recovery of historically "lost" systems and methods that are at the core of the legendary skills that seem to be "lost" to the public.  Find out for yourself if you are accepted.

Deep training in the most powerful of Yoga skills and methods.  Not a religion.

The master and developer of the greatest most comprehensive Qigong system in the world  the "Nine Treasures Qigong."

It is not my WORK.   It is my Way, my Truth, and my Life.

Everything adds to the life

Everything adds to the Understanding

Our Messiah and Leader says, "Love life and do not do what you hate."

First is Faith,  then Love, then Works

those who master the method see it is simple and not too difficult.  Every day, remove error, perfect in action, be authentic.  Motion and Rest.

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  • Kungfu Panda

    Training here has been a really rewarding experience. Classes are extremely dynamic and presents a physical challenge at varying levels depending on the student. I lost 60lbs during my time training here. This school differentiates itself from other schools in the way that the methods and techniques that are provided are presented in a scientific fashion. You can tell just from our white belt techniques that the punches and kicks being taught utilize the body in an extremely leveraged way to deliver maximum power in the fastest and most precise manner. No youtube videos, or other classes and training gyms I've attended come close to the way combat science, theory, training, and philosophy is taught here. Extreme emphasis on practicality. Discipline and etiquette is expected. Cultivation of mind and spirit is the ultimate aim.

  • Cliff

    Great exercise and associates, improved my health and mood. Gained health and self defense. Got me in top shape.

  • Chuck Farley

    I learned a lot.

  • mark shriver

    great instruction!

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

 Call/Text/Leave VM: 469-910-5349. set up phone interview.  Discuss terms and requirements.  Move on to lessons if agreeable. 

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

50+ years in the arts

9th Dan awarded 2004.  Since no system can award a 10th Dan ( only can award to the rank lower ) then by agreement and tradition when 9th Dan becomes 60 yrs senior then 10th is awarded.  No committee of lower ranks can award a higher rank this is fraud.

There is no higher rank in the world than a 10th Dan

PhD MMA 10th Dan Global MA Union EuroAsia Union

PhD MMA 10th Dan Global MA Federation Dr D Brownridge CEO

2004 & 2007 USMA Hall of Fame inductee  ( very rare two times )

Chinese Jaoshi gives Dr Harkins the name: Jiang Shen Zi in 2008  ( Extremely rare for American or non-Chinese )

Stanford University Who's Who

[ Yahweh-el ]

Since 1968: 1st Initiation.  Biblical Science, Hebrew, Greek, Chaldean; Hermunetics etc.  Also Advanced training in Mahayoga, Laya-Yoga, Six Yoga systems, Taoist, Buddhist, Christ Yoga: Baptized/Anointed.

Teach the Yoga of God in Christ ( Yoga teachings of Jesus ) Just the methods and facts.  Not a religion.

Train hard and you will succeed.

Call for interview 469-910-5349

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.


In the past during the 25 years the Institute was in operation we set the price for all the local schools.

We (I) vary my price based these criteria: Value of the training (immeasurable), condition of the student (poor, rich, deep need if necessary), and the baseline price that has not changed in 10 years. If you are able bodied we expect baseline fee, no discounts. We will teach the needy for nominal fee if their character and need warrant.

We have a right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason.

How did you get started teaching?


In 1983-4 people who had heard of me (I was not teaching or advertising and no plans to do so) started knocking on my door. Mostly military, rangers, special forces. They had told me that their Sensei, Shifu, etc from distant places (Austin, Georgia, Calif...etc don't recall too much about it) Said many things and they were there to train with me. I told them I have no school. My kungfu was for me.

They would knock on my door, ask for training more and more. I would put them in a horse stance, tell them come back next week, if you can hold the horse stance (mabu) for 1 hour I will train, otherwise don't come back.

That's how it started. Then students from famous masters nearby would come to my door and ask to train and then quit their old school realizing a lot of what they were learning was fake, or rather inaccurate according to the real training. This led to those (some) teachers coming to pick a fight, others to go out of business. All of them who challenged me lost badly (but not hurt badly) thus the only successful tactic against me tended to be false stories and slander. The pattern continues so I have done my duty to the public for 25 years with great success. I'm not interested in that life. I seek no fame. Now I teach in a private association. Raise up new masters properly trained and educated in the path. I will teach serious students or children of dutiful and wise parents only. That's it.

All you need to know.

What types of students have you worked with?

More types than you can imagine.

age range 4-81

Longmen Xiongdi (WCCAA)

we will not be accepting anyone under 12

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

Personal life is Personal life

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

easy to find a bad (improperly trained) teacher

Could learn poorly and not realize you are on a wrong path until spending lot of time and money (happens a lot). Only the end will determine if you choose well.

"Enter the narrow gate, since the road that leads to great suffering is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is the Narrow gate and hard road that leads to life, and only a Few find it."

You can call or text 214-780-9289

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

Do you finish what you start