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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hi there! I'm Michele, and I'm the owner of Resilient Body Fitness. You'll find my important qualifications below, but you might also want to know a little about who I am and what I stand for in fitness. I have always believed that it is our birthright to enjoy being in our bodies, to maximize the joy of moving with ease and the empowerment of accomplishing a skill through sweat and practice. Being at home in your body is not secondary to, it’s not a reward, that you can only enjoy once you’ve arrived at some external “ideal figure,” it’s something that belongs to you, here, now and always. At Resilient Body Fitness, we don’t use personal training as a way to fix some fault in our bodies, Personal training is a way to love our bodies. First and foremost, fitness is self care. My programs are HAES-consistent, body positive, and inclusive with respect to gender and sexuality, age, race, ability, and neurotype.


NASM is one of the most widely recognized and highly regarded certification programs for personal trainers.

My work is also informed by:

Experience as a gyrotonic instructor. The gyrotonic system, like pilates or yoga, exists between fitness and therapy

Training in anatomy, kinesiology and dance. I studied at Cornish College of the Arts.

A lifetime of personal experience with gymnastics, dance, cycling and capoeira, including how to heal my injuries through movement. This experience also gives me a great understanding of how to be both flexible and strong and why we benefit from it.

Experience using movement to work through trauma.


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Offers online services

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    Sharada R.

    I am so grateful that I started training with Resilient Body Fitness in April of 2021. Michelle is an amazing trainer who knows what she is doing. She has so much experience with movement, and knows how healing it is. I’ve not only felt stronger since training with Michelle, I feel more confident and grounded with my body.
    She has taught me different stretching and fitness techniques that i can use when I’m at home, and has been so health/safety cautious during Covid.
    I first started training with Michelle at the local park, then her backyard - I am so excited that she has her own space now. I know how dedicated she is to her customer base, and her new space. I’m excited to watch it grow.
    If you are looking for an inclusive, empowering, and motivating trainer - look no further than Michelle!
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    December 25, 2021



    Shes very good and patient with my daughter
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    November 13, 2019
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    Christine P.

    Michele makes the workouts challenging, however, she wants to know how Im feeling, and will adjust accordingly. I saw a positive change in my strength and mobility soon after I started working with her. Shes an athlete herself and is great at making crucial corrections in form and describing how exercises should feel as I am doing them so that I can correct myself. If you want someone smart, reliable, and devoted to improving the physical health of her clients, Michele is your woman.
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    January 02, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    We have to know where we're starting from, so that means a movement assessment to identify imbalances--what's weak? what's over-active? what's tight and needs to be stretched?  From there we build start building good form, proper core support, endurance and strength.  Programs will vary with the individual's goals--for athletes looking to develop speed and agility, the program will look a little different than for someone in their 40's or 50's looking to keep moving well as they age.

    I am a NASM certified personal trainer.  College course work includes kinesiology, anatomy and physiology as it relates to healthy movement, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals and dance technique. I have previously held certification as a GYROTONIC(R) instructor (like pilates or yoga, the Gyrotonic system has applications in fitness and therapy--find more information at  I also hold pre-natal/post-partum certification.

    I started training in gymnastics when I was 7 and went on to compete in the NCAA national championships at 19. I started cycling when I was 13 and have gone on to enjoy both commuting and touring. I've since added dance and capoeira to my training and continue to be very active at the age of 50.

    Prices range between $75/session and $85/session, depending how many sessions a client commits to.

    I was first offered a job coaching gymnastics when i finished college.  I found I love helping people progress, and have taught in one venue or another since then!

    Youth, from beginner to competitive athletes.

    People who are getting to know the gym for the first time

    People 40-50 who are interested in maintaining ease of movement as they age

    People who are looking to build muscle.

    People with specific sport-related goals.

    Watching my client really enjoy discovering how much she can lift on a standard squat with a barbell.  When we first started, she was one of the people who didn't really know how to even use the weights/strength part of the gym.

    Try a few people out.  Be open to what's different or unique about each trainer and open to how that might support your goals in unexpected ways.

    Be clear about your goals. Ask how the trainer plans to progress you towards them.  Ask what kind of timeline you can expect for results.  Ask how the trainer's experience contributes to their ability to support your goals.

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    Mixed Martial Arts