High Lunge Pose

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Sarah Noel

High Lunge Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions

When you have been sitting for far too long, then soothe your back and hips by extending your hip flexors in the High Lunge Pose.

This High Lunge is a variation of Virabhadrasana I. You could call it Half-Warrior One Pose, or Ardha Virabhadrasana.

High lunge yoga pose
High lunge yoga pose
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Ardha Virabhadrasana

(Pronounced as "are-dah VEER-ah-bud-RAHS-anna")

According to the Hindu epics, Virabhadra was a great warrior created by Lord Shiva.

How to do High Lunge Pose

Step One

While standing, bend forward and touch your toes as in Uttanasana, or Standing Forward Bend.

Inhale as you take a step back with your left foot all the way to the back corner of your yoga mat. Keep the ball of your left foot on the mat and heel up. Make sure you stepped back far enough to help create a 90-degree angle with your bent right knee.

Step Two

Bend forward to rest your torso on top of your right thigh, extending the torso forward. Place your hands on either side of your right foot on the floor.

Help your groins open by descending your pelvis closer to the floor, trying to make the top of your right thigh a flat, level surface. Look straight ahead. Now straighten the left knee behind you. If you can, try to also stretch your left heel down closer to the mat. Breathe normally.

Step Three

On an exhalation, step your left foot forward again. Rest briefly in Uttanasana before you step your right foot back this time, repeating the same steps on this side for the same amount of time.

Beginner's Tip:

Pose Information

Sanskrit Name:

Ardha Virabhadrasana

Pose Level:

Level 1

Contraindications and Cautions:

  • Recent knee injuries.

  • Irregular blood pressure.

  • For chronic neck conditions: Gaze down at the ground rather than looking straight in front of you.

Therapeutic Applications:

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  • Promotes better digestion.

  • Helps to relieve sciatic pain.

  • Aids women in reducing menstrual-related pains.

High Lunge Pose Benefits

  • Gives a deep stretch to the groins.

  • Tones the knees and hip muscles.