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Offers online services
Offers online services



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Offers online services


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He is very knowledgeable in fitness. He is a very sweet person. He shows you the right moves and really works you out.
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March 01, 2020


The workouts were intense and I really felt the burn 💪🏿 Would highly recommend
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February 27, 2020

Dietta M.

It was a great experience! He cared about my concerns regarding my problem areas and he created a perfect workout routine for me. Hes such a great instructor!
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February 27, 2020


Working with Richard is the BEST! It’s been a journey for me in my fitness life. I have been able workout online with him and been getting good results on butt and legs. He gives great feedback, tips and awesome support along the way.
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February 27, 2020

Lashanda P.

Wonderful guy great sprit he keeps the workout exciting they switch up to keep the body guessing. Amazing trainer and good support!
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February 27, 2020

Rowland J.

I liked how patience he was he always made sure my form was good he didn’t let me give up on myself either he kicks your butt but it’s in the best way! Book him 🤗 get your life back!
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February 27, 2020

Frequently asked questions

We first start with a consultation which cost $65 from there we do an Assessment this where I look to see if you have any muscle imbalances, check your form etc, I also provide a mini workout so you get a feel on what it's like to work with me. I can travel to you these prices vary or we can do online training.

I have several certifications through NASM- NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPORTS MEDICINE and a Degree in Exercise Science.


Free phone consultations are 30 mins to discuss goals.

45-50 min in person Consultation/assessment Is $60/ non refundable 

this is a Deeper look into Goals & Realistic Deadlines

We will Discuss more About you and getting to know you more (to see if we’re a fit to get you FIIT)

Assessment body movements screening 

Weigh Ins, body type, & Before Pictures 
20-25 Minute Workout Trial

Please note for training I do charge a upfront deposit none refundable  fee of $250 no exceptions and it is automatically drafted from your account! Also if you start working out with me you must sign a contract that you agree to train for at least 4 months

Luxury Travel 🧳 plan 1 

$380 monthly 

* I travel to you (20-25 min radius from where I'm located).
8 sessions per month (1 hour session).
Nutritional guidance

Luxury Travel 🧳 plan 2 

$ 500 monthly 

Same rules apply however you’ll get me for an extra day (12 sessions per month)

Travel plan 3 

$700 monthly

1/1 VIP

unlimited sessions  (30 min radius)

* Unlimited Training sessions a week where i come to you 
General Custom Meal Plan or blood type diet 
Weekly 30 min accountability/Motivation calls every Friday 
Measurements, progress photos 
Daily Food Accountability/Goal setting 
Progressive Program

Virtual FIIT SESSIONS  (zoom training 40-45 mins)

$200 a month 

DBRBs (dumbbells and resistance band needed  (both light and heavy sets)

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 





* Must have Gym at your apt or home. I will provide some equipment as necessary but in order to challenge you you will need access to a gym.

* I don’t train in other establishments gym ie planet fitness LA etc. 


Best Value 


Every month

12 sessions/month

3 in person personal training sessions per week (1 hour )
Nutritional guidance

  • FIIT, Fat burning Toning, Muscle, Glutes 
    Standard Meal Plan targeted training 
    Weekly Measurements, Progress Photos


Every month

8 sessions/month

  • 2 in person personal training sessions per week (1 hour)
    Nutritional guidance
  • Works out to help and maintain figure 


Every month

Unlimited personal training for the month.

  • Unlimited in person personal training sessions (1 hour)
    Nutritional guidance come when you want 

Drop In sessions

$60 each time 

1 hr session for non-clients


Transformation training 

Have a wedding or special event you need to plan for ?

Pay a one time fee upfront  after you pay nothing once your months are up you can either renew into pt slot if you like 

3 month transformation=$600 for 3 months 

6 month transformation=$900 for 6months 


The day you sign up is the day your payment will come out  of your account so plan ahead or there will be a late fee charged of  $20 - please note that I don’t give reminders- you know when it’s your date to pay therefore I will not hunt nor will I chase you - I do auto drafts, you will have 3 days before the draft to make arrangements if you fear you can’t have your payment on time or need to cancel 

If you need to cancel your training services before your 4 months are up you must pay a $75 cancellation fee and sign cancel form. If you choose to come back to train I’ll discount a month of training. 


I've worked mainly with  women and clients wanting to tone and lose weight.

I helped a lady who last goal was to lose 5lbs pounds. I got her to lose ten plus added some lean muscle so she was was ready for vacation 

Make sure they care about you and puts your first not just the money they make off of you and make sure they are certified

Services offered