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The Titan Principles Inc.

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Our fitness trainers, nutritionists, and dietitians create programs that focus on all three Titan Principles; Health, Fitness, & Motivation. Our programs are safe, simple, effective, and affordable.

Passionate and dedicated health professional with a desire to bring you a comprehensive health program. If you want to see real, sustainable results then you’ll need to receive coaching on all levels of your fitness routine on a consistent basis. I offer dynamic, individualized training programs along with nutritional guidance and can be a resource for health-related things to my clients. I work out of a fitness facility in Kansas City, MO but also offers online training and nutritional services. I look forward to the chance of helping you live a better life!

Our programs include:

Fitness Evaluation & Goal Implementation

- We take prior injuries, surgeries, and limitations into account, which minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes the possibility of success.

Personalized Workout Program

- Yes, personalized just for you. Most people won’t make a lifestyle from doing something they hate. We help you find the perfect movements that will make you excited instead of dreadful.

Facility Training or In-Home Personal Training in Kansas City

- I am available to train either in-home, outside or in our partnered fitness facility.

Success Mindset Coaching

- We give you the feedback, support, and motivation that you may need to stay on track.

Customized Nutrition Strategy

- Everyone is different and has different nutrient needs. We help you eat well so you can feel your results!

Monthly body composition assessment and progress tracking

- Celebrating your wins is important to keep you motivated in the long run. It makes us happy when we see your hard work paying off as you reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Real Simple, Real Results, Backed By Science.


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4 years in business
Serves Kansas City , MO
Offers online services

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    Kiri H.

    Since the beginning, Brian listened to my needs and helped me choose specific goals. I always had problems staying consistent but avoided a personal trainer for accountability because they are expensive. Not only was Brian affordable but he also customized the program based on where I was mentally and physically in the process.
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    August 13, 2021

    Leland M.

    I did a group class with Brian. The group workouts are never boring. The classes make you work hard but the energy of the class always motivates me to push through! Brian gives his clients his undivided attention, even when he catches me trying to cheat my workout.
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    August 13, 2021

    AC W.

    Brian is the best trainer around. He is motivating and supremely engaging. And the classes he teaches are always fun and informative. He is worth every penny!
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    August 13, 2021

    Derrick H.

    Brian is great! Friendly, funny and most of all, effective. I’ve been working with him, over the course of 6 months, I’ve lost 24 lbs of fat and gained 14 lbs of muscle. Incredible results!
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    August 13, 2021

    Tiffanie S.

    Be prepared for a lifestyle change when you’re trained by Travis, mentally and physically. He is a great coach and extremely knowledgeable. He’s motivating, energetic, and really attentive. He modifies the workouts when it’s necessary so that you can grow in strength.
    You won’t be disappointed with his workouts. Book one session with him and he’ll lead you to your goals!
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    August 13, 2021

    Rodney S.

    He makes it simple. Hell push you and even teach you how to push yourself. Hes got an amazing amount of positivity (If You Can Believe, You Can Achieve.) and encourages everyone. He works with everyone to make individualized plans to make sure youre getting the best that you can. He’s also been available off hours when I have a question about exercises or nutrition.
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    August 13, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    The initial consultation is for gathering background information, talking about goals, and outlining an action plan on how we will get there. A fitness evaluation is then scheduled to learn strength, endurance, and flexibility. Once I have a concept of their capabilities as well as their goals, I construct a personalized plan for them to see real changes. This plan includes progressing the workout intensity, frequency, and implementing nutrition strategies to best serve their needs.

    I've been privileged to learn with some very well-respected Dietitians & Athletic Coaches, received Nationally Accredited Certifications in fitness training and advanced nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Association, and have hands-on experience training myself, collegiate athletes, and clients from a variety of backgrounds.

    I offer a few different packages depending on what a client needs. Some people are looking for a bit of guidance and others either desire or need much more direction, support, and accountability from me.

    The investment for these coaching programs ranges from $99 to $900/month with a minimum 3-month commitment. 

    Similar to a lot of Americans, I grew up in a low-income family that was poorly educated on health and nutrition. As an asthmatic, I wasn’t able to perform a lot of sports due to this chronic lung disease. After a few life & death situations, I decided I wanted to be the best version of myself. I soon discovered I was motivated to take initiative but I had little experience working out. I prioritized safety, correct form, and range of motion to prevent injury during my study of fitness, health, and well-being. Soon after, I established and applied the three Titan Principles in order to overcome the daily battle of Asthma. From there, the enjoyment I got out of building relationships and helping others with what I was so passionate about made personal training/nutritional consulting a natural endeavor.

    I've worked with clients ranging from collegiate athletes to senior citizens rehabbing from serious injuries. Generally, however, the clients I've found are able-bodied and eager to make long-term changes for the better. They are looking to be pushed but eased into a workout regimen that is built for sustainable success. There isn't a quick-fix to long-term health, and I help my clients understand and embrace this concept.

    Make sure that your trainers' message resonates within you. The connection between a client and their trainer is a personal one, as they are often seeking out the trainer because they know they need help. The trainer has to be able to understand and address their specific needs and desires or else they won't be able to obtain their health & fitness goals.

    Customers should take the time to seriously consider what their fitness goals are and WHY they have them. Finding proper motivation is essential to accomplishing any fitness goal because it will be difficult and trying at times. Improving one's health requires consistency and discipline, both of which are impossible to maintain without a clear motivation for doing what you're doing.

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