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Sessions are held 1, 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes or 60 minutes each. Working one-on-one gives you motivation, accountability, individualized exercises, and quicker results! Choosing this option and following proper nutrition can help you to lose at least 2 -3 lbs per week.

Individualized personal training sessions, depending on the package you choose, include an initial assessment, weigh in, body measurements and body fat testing, and a nutrition counseling session. Weigh ins and body measurements continue regularly so we can track your progress and adjust accordingly.

A variety of methods and equipment will be used to help you meet your goals including dumbbells, TRX, resistance bands, stability balls, sandbells, battle ropes, medicine balls, interval training, and bodyweight exercises.


Serves Cincinnati , OH

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    Leisa F.

    I started taking Cross Training Circuits just over a year ago and added MET classes soon after that. Recently, Ive added personal training to my weekly workouts and I highly recommend it. Sharon creates intense workouts targeting specific muscle groups. Its a great addition to my exercise routine. I really enjoy being pushed to do more than I ever thought I could and I especially enjoy seeing the results of those workouts.
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    July 19, 2018


    John G.

    Having had major surgery in the past, it was important for me to find a personal trainer that would be able to set up a program that takes into consideration my physical limitations. Sharon has been able to do this for me.
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    July 14, 2018


    Roz G.

    A personal trainer should understand a clients limitations and age (senior) while setting up a program that is most beneficial, and not a one size fits all. She should be supportive, understanding yet firm enough to make you want to push yourself to work towards your goal while understanding that each client must work at their own pace....Sharon is this type of personal trainer.
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    July 14, 2018


    Kristi S.

    I like the Personal Training sessions during which we focus on a particular body part such as arms or back. Sharon instructs me to perform specific exercises and offers advice on my form and the amount of weight to use for each exercise. Adding Personal Training to my weekly workout schedule has made a difference. I feel stronger and that carries over into the MET and HIIT-R classes that I take with Sharon. Sharon is very knowledgeable and helpful not only with exercise but also nutrition. She uses her expertise to help clients such as myself make positive lifestyle changes.
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    July 14, 2018


    Michelle E.

    I started Personal Training with Sharon 4 ½ weeks ago. My daughter and her husband gave me this for a Christmas present. What a wonderful gift! In a very short period of time, I have noticed a lot of changes. I have more than 100 lbs. to lose and it is very intimidating to start such a long and arduous journey. My expectations were that Sharon was going to render me unable to walk but after my first hour of working out I went home, made a healthy dinner, and put most of my Christmas decorations away. I felt so good! I have really bad knees and they hurt less after I work out! My energy level goes through the roof when I leave a session. If I had anything to change it would be going more. It is such a wonderful experience to do something for yourself. Just you! If you are considering make a real change in your life and want to hurt less, I suggest you start this journey. Sharon will help you with any issue you have. Choose to be healthy. Make a change. You are worth it! I have lost over 10 lbs. already and many inches, but most importantly I am moving forward to my end goal which is living my best life.
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    July 14, 2018


    Eileen H.

    began working with Sharon 4 years ago as I was approaching 50. I started with Cross Training Circuits (formerly called Boot Camp) and then moved onto Metabolic Explosion Training. I truly enjoy the workouts because they are challenging and fun but also because she cultivates a culture of support with our class members. Participating in MET really helped me to gain strength and increase my overall physical fitness level. Unfortunately I was unable to continue with MET as I had to have rotator cuff surgery back in November 2016. After about 5 months of physical therapy and much pain, I was cleared by the doctor to start strength training again. In order to ease back into working out, I started Personal Training sessions with Sharon twice per week. These sessions have been great and Sharon has customized the workout sessions based upon my needs. I have re-joined MET and have even added HIIT-R. It feels great getting back into shape after a 5 month hiatus and Sharons support has been invaluable during this time!
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    July 13, 2018

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