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As a Master Personal Trainer with over 9 years of experience and a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, I have the education and experience to assess and design a program to help set and meet reasonable goals for my clients.

My services stand out because I have experience as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, sport performance/ strength and conditioning expert, as well as education and experience with nutrition coaching and weight loss. I feel that, in the gym setting, a trainer needs as many tools at their disposal as possible. I am also trained and experienced in trigger point therapy, myofascial release,and various types of assisted stretching. Along with these skills, I am also an expert in Senior Fitness.

I love to help people to have healthier lives, reduce pain, increase mobility and balance, lose weight, and even (in some cases) GAIN weight.

I believe to my core that exercise is medicine. Whether preventative or corrective, exercise is so important to live a quality life of ability.


Serves Littleton , CO

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    Sandie W.

    In March my doctor recommended that I join a fitness center that have Certified Personal Trainers. I interviewed several fitness centers and after meeting Eric, we immediately began an exercise program to improve my health, especially my poor posture, strength and extremely poor blood chemistry.
    I began training with Eric in April and by August 1st, my triglycerides went from 208 to 131! My LDL dropped from 248 to 166! And my overall cholesterol dropped 75 points! Ive lost 28lbs. and my doctor said I no longer have any plaque build-up, with little thickening of the arteries. I feel as though Eric saved my life! My posture and strength have improved Significantly as well!
    Because of the training I have done with Eric, I dont have to take any meds for my cholesterol, which the doctor had said was a good probability. I look forward to continuing my training sessions with Eric and see the progress at the next 6 months doctor visit!
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    December 06, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First a medical history and discussion about goals and roadblocks is necessary with a Functional Muscle Screening to find a baseline to build upon. During this session we will find where you are starting from and make a plan to get the results that are desired as well as set up reasonable time frame to achieve those goals. After that(and in the same hour) we will go through a short workout to further asses ability level. These things are all included in the first 1 hour session and is complimentary.

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