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We have found that the best way to achieve any goal is by working closely with someone that knows a lot of what you are trying to do, and has been there. Our coaches learned a lot and practiced a lot, and became Jedis in their craft (basically). They thrive on sharing all their knowledge with our tribe.

The idea behind our coaching is that you and your coach will work closely as a team to achieve your goals, and make you better. Both of you will be represent everything we stand for - Love and Discipline.

Again, as a team. Your coach will be there giving you advice, telling you how many reps to do, or how to navigate meal prep, you will be there by being honest and putting in the work. It is really that simple. The program works if you put in the work and if you are truthful with your tribe.

Learning the basics of nutrition takes a bit of time, but we all need to learn new habits if we want a different outcome. Our coaches make it easy for you to start a new lifestyle - A lifestyle that you are proud of.

That's the big question.

The simple answer is that our coaches love people, and they have a common mission of making humanity better, in as many ways as possible. They are really good at what they do, training and nutrition is just their way of making you better.

Whether you are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food, or you are struggling to make gains and increase muscle mass, or you feel a little down every time you look yourself in the mirror, or your strength numbers are not going up, your coach will be there guide you and encourage you to keep moving forward.

Sometimes your coach will talk about crazy stuff that won't make sense, sometimes your coach will send you research papers for you to read, sometimes your coach will find new ways of challenging you, sometimes your coach might make you test weird food combinations - All of it though, will be to make sure you move towards the vision both of you defined as success. 


We firmly believe in being together, and working as a team. If you don't want to commit to being a part of our tribe then we are not the right place for you.


Being alone on a journey is not as fun as being part of a team. Our main objective is to make you better and to make you smile, a lot. To do that, we need to work together to make changes not only in your body but in your mind too. That's why this is not like any other fitness program that focuses on macros and other numbers, we play a lot with mindset. We are a tribe of humans that are committed to a better version of themselves. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

We will challenge your mind and your body at the same time, the mind being the most important. 

This journey should be fun, hard and exciting for both of you - It should be something like a superhero movie.

That's what we are. A tribe of superheroes. 


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  • Ais Quezada

    Other than physically, the biggest change I have noticed has been in my confidence. I am more confident in my ability to change my body and grow into a healthy, stronger self. Also, I am more mindful in the human I am and what I can do to provoke change in those around me. Oh and, I've lost weight and feel like I can make smarter food choices.

  • Colleen Sweet

    I thought I had my health under control...until I didn’t anymore. It seemed to spiral out of control to a point where I began to wonder if the scale would only continue to go up. I felt hopeless. I knew I had to make a change.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ With consistency, patience, and guidance my body began to look and feel amazing. It has gotten use to me consuming nutrient-dense foods and I can definitely feel the difference in my mood when I eat clean vs. when I go overboard with food that doesn’t serve my body best. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ When I joined Fitten, I expected my physical appearance to improve - after all, that’s what pushed me to start. I had no idea that my mental/emotional gains would be far greater than any physical aesthetic I’ve ever achieved. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I am eternally grateful for all of the knowledge, guidance, and support of my coach and this tribe. This journey has been far from easy, but joining Fitten is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

  • Alejandro Pace

    When comparing my before/after pictures. The guy on the left didn’t know the negative consequences of not making the right decisions when it came to many aspects of his life: the way he looked, his performance, his mindset, his health. That guy used to have frequent gout episodes (google it, you dont want to go thru this) and didn’t even eat vegetables. This "new guy" hasnt experienced a gout episode for a long time, eats all kinds of vegetables, improved his performance at the gym (beating that one on the left on everything LOL), sees and thinks about things differently but, and most importantly, improved his health. A lot of effort is needed, I wont lie, but when you are surrounded with the right people and follow the right advice the path is way easier..”

  • Arnaldo Salazar

    The difference between the guy on the left and the one on the right is huge. Over the past 3 years I decided to change my life. First, I feel much better and confident, I have made progress on my mind that I was not able to have before. Second, I have improved as a human, every year I challenge myself to be better and stronger, to be less scared of things and be brave. Third, I am trying to be more educated on my nutrition. I appreciate my supportive coach from Fitten. I could not have done it otherwise!

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