The Excellence Of Boxing

The Excellence Of Boxing

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My service stands out because I am that trainer that can do what I teach. I don't take shortcuts in explaining why and showing you how to execute boxing techniques in the proper way.

I started boxing at the age of 10 yrs old and had over 150 fights winning the city, state and national Championship 5 yrs in a row losing my 12 fights before turning pro. I had the pleasure of traveling the world boxing. Now I am a master trainer & teacher of Boxing. Come and learn the offense and defense of the art of boxing.

I enjoy seeing my clients learn grow and advance in knowledge and understanding of the art of boxing.


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    Ernest H.

    One of Best and Top Boxing in trainer in the world.
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    September 29, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    First, teaching the foundation of boxing. Then build upon that foundation so that you can be solid in every movement. It's like building a house. If you have a bad foundation, the house will fall and come apart but if you have solid foundation it will stand forever and can't be torn apart. 

    I was blessed to be trained by one of the master trainers of boxing. He would not let me rest until every boxing move I made was done in excellence and so that I could teach others the same. 

    Yes I teach by the hour. Each hour is very intense and quite demanding. Many think that learning boxing is easy until it's taught the proper way. Then it's a whole different kind of world. My job is to make sure that you are taught properly so that you are not vulnerable to getting hit. 

    My trainer decided I needed to learn to teach boxing since he felt I could do boxing well. But he wanted me to be the best of the best. So I came from boxing to become a master trainer of boxing.

    I have been taught to teach classes and one-on-one personal training. I have taught beginners to professional fighters. I teach left handers as well as right handers.

    One time, I was at a boxing match and it was about the 6 round in this fight. During the main event (or the last fight), the trainer became ill all of a sudden. I was asked by this trainer (who barely knew me - just heard of me) to finish giving the fighter instructions. I was honored and the fighter won the boxing match.

    Some might have the experience of boxing, but can not train it. There are many that will work you out, but rare are those that will work you out AND ensure that you are executing using the proper techniques. It's easy to be fooled so make sure the teacher knows and have mastered the offense and defense of boxing.

    Can they get along with the teacher and do they want really want to be taught by this teacher.

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