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At Longevity Pilates we specialized and in private & small group Pilates training. Longevity takes a smart, anatomical approach to fitness using sound fundamental movment principles. Our goal is to make fitness accessible to all, regardless of age, injuries, or current fitness level. Experience te inspiration, challenge and motivation that Longevity Studio has to offer. It's time to make good on the promises to yourself!


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I love working with my clients and figuring out how best to help them not only get in better shape, but to overcome chronic pain and recover from injury. I have seen Pilates change so many peoples lives for the better. They're stronger, more mobile and confident in their bodies, their posture is improved, chronic issues such as pain, mobility problems and incontinence go away. It's truly amazing work!


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Dee C.

I have been going to Pilates reformer classes since Longevity opened. The pace of the classes I attend, from the many reformer classes offered, is perfect (intermediate-plus), with energizing, varied moves.
Classes are challenging and personal attention is given when needed. The owner (who also teaches) and another instructor I have are excellent and very friendly. I highly recommend Longevity Studio.
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March 02, 2018


Melissa W.

Very nice studio, great classes offered
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February 17, 2018


C. S.

The Pilates Reformer classes are amazing! I thought I might be intimidated by a group class, but Sara makes everyone at all levels feel comfortable. She has a variety of times every day and Ive really improved in overall strength and ability. Pilates has become foundational to my wellness program.
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February 15, 2018


Jan K.

Excellent teachers for Pilates reformer. It is great exercise and loads of fun for people of any (or no) athletic ability.
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February 10, 2018


Julie S.

I like the friendly and healthy culture at Longevity Studio, as well as the skill of coaching that Sara possesses. She is patient yet helps me stretch myself to reach new goals - almost without me knowing it! Im addicted!! My abs are stronger than theyve ever been. This has been especially helpful in recovery from spine surgery recently.
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February 09, 2018


Sunny G.

Great studio with a bright clean space. Sara and Alex are challenging instructors who gear classes to their students!
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February 09, 2018

Frequently asked questions

The first thing to understand about Pilates is that it is a method.  In order to truly understand and benefit most from the work you need to make sure that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the work.  From there, you can really go places!  

Starting out with a few private sessions is a wonderful way to get started, especially if you have any injuries or specific issues that need to be addressed.  

Another great option is our Reformer 101 Series.  It's a 6 class (with 5 people in each class) series to get you started in Reformer classes.  We run these periodically so check our website, send an email or give us a call and we'll help get you set up and answer any questions you may have.

I have a degree in Modern Dance and that has helped me tremendously in my Pilates training.  It gave me an in depth understanding of anatomy and how the body moves, it also helped me to develop a keen eye for movement and energy and others bodies as well.  Which means, I won't let you cheat in class!

I also have certification in Gyrotonic, which although Gyro and Pilates are two difference systems, they work beautifully together and I do incorporate both of them in my work with clients.

I have been a professional Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor for 20 years and have a deep understanding of the work in both it's classical and contemporary forms.  


Pilates Reformer Classes:

single:  40

5 pack:  175

10 pack:  300

Private Pilates Training:

single:  85

5 pack:  400

10 pack:  750

Pilates Monthly Memberships:

4 Reformer classes/month:  99

Unlimited Pilates/month:  199

In college I was studying both dance and health & wellness with the intention of going into either Physical Therapy or Dance Medicine.  Then I discovered Pilates and realized this was the thing I had been searching for.  I have been working with some of my clients for over 18 years now!  It's incredabily rewarding and an honor to accompany clients through their journeys towards better health and improved quality of life.

I've worked with clients ranging from 8 years old up to 88!  From mothers, retired individuals, professional athletes, weekend warriors, people that need to rehab before or after surgeries, pregnant women, clients with joint replacements, clients with incontinence issues (which were ALL corrected w/out need for surgery!). 

I have a client with severe scoliosis.  She recently went in for her physical and at age 50 she is now standing an entire inch taller than she EVER has in her life.  Not only does she have much less pain and discomfort from the scoliosis, her posture is beautiful.  She's beyond thrilled!  She shared this with the whole Reformer class the other morning and we all cheered her on!

Make sure they have training in the Classical form of Pilates.  There is Classical and Contemporary.  Classical is true to the work that Joseph Pilates originally created and it is a system, a method. And it absolutely works...  

While the Contemporary work also very valuable, I think a solid foundation of training in the Classical work is key to an effective instructor to truly understand and benefit from the methology.

Intention.  What are your goals?  What has drawn you to Pilates?  Also, make sure you let your instructor know about all the injuries you've had as they can affect us more than we realize.  For example, that ankle you broke back when you were 15 could be a big part of why your knee, hip and low back are now hurting you at 45.  Letting us know about those things, even if it didn't seem like that big of a deal, can help your instructor plan a pefect program for you.

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