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For Them Gainz Fitness LLC

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We are a Christian based business first and foremost. We specialize in major body and life transformations in short periods of time. Although we do enjoy training athletes, our specialty is taking someone who has never stepped foot in a gym and changing their lives by introducing them to the joy of hitting their goals through the strength of mind body and spirit from our lord and savior Jesus Christ, becoming stronger through health and fitness is just the first step in the process.

I love being blessed with the ability to change people's lives by adding more strength, confidence, and energy to their lives and not only improving the quality of life for them but for the closest people around them as well.


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Jasmine C.

I started training with Noreen three months ago and my attitude and perspective on life has changed tremendously. Since I’ve started training with Noreen I have been dropping not only weight and body fat but I have also been losing inches. This passed month I have incorporated kickboxing with her husband Berto which is a killer and amazing way to do incorporate cardio. My confidence has built and so has my motivation on life. These two individuals are the most humble people you can ever meet and they want nothing but to see you succeed. They have a lot of patience and understand the everyone starts at different places so they work with you. I have finally dropped down to a weight that I don’t even remember being and with the excitement of Noreen, Berto, and myself I, I have more desire to keep working on my goals.
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December 01, 2017

Frequently asked questions

First of all we’ll set up a free consultation and workout. Then We will sit down with our all of their pers a short training session to get a feel for our training style. If they do decide training with us is something they’d like to continue do, we then will set them up on a training package that bes

We offer 1,2,3,4,5 x a week training packages. With set pricing depending on how many times a week our clients would like to come in.

How I personally became a personal trainer wasn’t I once struggled with my weight. I tried to reach my goals on my own and was unable to lose more then 5-10lbs. I realized I needed help but after looking into personal training there was no way I could afford a corporate trainer. I met my husband that is a personal trainer and started training with him. I lost over 40lbs in a little over 4 months. That was the moment I was so passionate about helping others in the same situation as I was in, needing help but not able to afford it. Shortly after my husband and I started our personal business and wanted to help change as many lives as possible all while make training as affordable as possible.

We mostly have worked with students whom have never stepped foot into a Gym. People who are looking for guidance on how to reach their goals in a healthy way. People looking to change for the better, and willing to learn how they can turn this into a lifestyle change, something they can do on their own long after training with us. But we are open to any and all clients no matter how experienced or familiar they are  with personal training or not.

We have so many fond moments over the years, but a more recent event that I am fond of is seeing one of my clients crying for joy when we performed our latest monthly measurement, and after 3 months of training with us, we were able to get her down to a weight she hasn’t been since a child. We are so very blessed to have the opportunity to truly help our clients in reaching these types life changing goals. 

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