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Offers online services
Offers online services


Email [email protected]. I have been involved heavily in sports and fitness all my life. I have taken my body to the extreme as far as conditioning is concerned and I also was overweight for a period of time.

I’m a pro natural bodybuilder so I know the ins and outs of being healthy the right way! I’ve helped hundreds of men and women in the Kansas City Area and plan to help many more!

There’s nothing like helping someone get there life back!! [email protected].

My rate is $75/hr flat fee. This covers customized programming for cardio and nutrition for a month along with intense and progressive workouts push your body to a new level and oh yeah...look good doing it!

Helping people get their life back! That’s what I was put on this earth to do! So I’m very passionate about it!


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Offers online services

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    Mindy N K.

    June 18, 2020
    Hired on Lessons

    Lynese S.

    When I started with Rodney, I was ready to change a lot of things I wanted to be in better shape, feel more confident and be a better mom; being a single mom, working and going to school I just wasnt sure where to start or how in the world I was going to make time for a workout. He is always very involved asking questions and checking in with me through out the week. He was very helpful talking to me, giving me suggestions and even meal plan ideas, as well as answered all of my crazy questions, all hours of the night! He even celebrated the little miles stones that I had made for myself. I got way more out of it than I had ever anticipated. Im noticing muscles I never knew I had! I loved his plan so much that I planned on competing BUT, I am currently pregnant. So, that plan will be put on hold however, I do plan on continuing my new found healthy lifestyle through out my pregnancy with Rodney of course.
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    March 15, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    <br><a href="https://lessons.com/mo/kansas-city/personal-training/" target="_blank"><img src="//cdn.lessons.com/assets/images/tmp/lessons-2019.png" width="150"></a><br>

    My process for working with new clients is to teach them as much as I can....slowly, at their level and at their pace so that they can succeed in the future with or without me!

    I have 

    Double Major in Exercise Science and Health 

    Teaching Personal Training & Nutrition(8 years)

    Became a Pro natural bodybuilder in 9 months (on average takes a few years)

    I know what it takes to lose weight, maintain, and gain it!

    My standard pricing system is

    $75/hr Personal Training (comes with nutrition ans cardio customized program as well as progressive customized exercise programming to the individuals goals)

    $100/MO Nutrition (I lay out what to eat, what to stay away from and etc. Based on your individual goals I tell you the exact amount of food you need to eat for protein, carbs, and fats without the restriction, based on when you can eat. Also comes with a shopping list of staples that need to be in your refrigerator. I give you a list of what proteins, carbs and fats to eat and which ones to stay away from!

    I got started with teaching when I was 17. I would teach kids in an after school program about exercise and health in my uncles  non profit in the inner city where I’m from! From there it evolved!

    I would like to work with self driven, motivated, and consistent students that need a little push and expertise to take their fitness and health to the next level!

    A recent event I’m fond of is getting my pro card!!!! It took me 9 months but it was an amazing rush being able to become a professional after I clearly wasn’t going to be in the NFL! Lol

    Find someone that has experience losing weight, maintaining, and gain weight themselves! There’s nothing like actual experience and proof! 

    Think through your motivation as to why your doing this! Find a strong reason. That reason will push you when you go no further!

    This is just as much as a psychological change as it is physical are you ready to make that shift?

    Action beats fear every time! It’s proven that ACTION is the best cure for fear of starting something! You must go but first you must get started! So let’s get started! 😎💪🏾

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