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Offers online services
Offers online services


I own Moore's CrossFit Affiliate, founded in 2009. I specialize in helping people get in shape via the functional fitness (CrossFit) methodology and nutrition coaching. I like to be a one stop shop of educating you in how to succeed inside and outside the gym, not just putting you through workouts for the sake of it. Our time should be fun not miserable. Nutritional advice should set you up to live a healthy life, not be a crash diet you will burn out and fail.

I enjoy seeing the change in people. Becoming confident, happy and the person they want to be. It's awesome to start a session and hear about the tiem spent with kids, doing yardwork or even just making one trip with the grocery bags from the car.


15 years in business
Serves Oklahoma City , OK
Offers online services

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Number of people

Individual training, Couples training

Event to prep for

No specific event, Athletic event or competition, Vacation, Wedding

Current exercise

Customer exercises 0 times per week, Customer exercises 1 – 2 times a week, Customer exercises 3 – 4 times a week, Customer exercises 5-7 times a week

Gender preference

Clients who have no gender preference, Clients who want female trainer only, Clients who want male trainer only

Medical concerns or injuries

Back problems, Joint pain, Asthma, Pregnancy, Other injuries or medical conditions


Younger than 18, 18 – 22 years old, 23 – 30 years old, 31 – 40 years old, 41 – 50 years old, 51 – 60 years old, 61 or older

How often

Customers who want to meet 2 – 3 times a week, Customers who want to meet 4 – 7 times a week

Fitness goals

Lose weight, Get toned, Build muscle, Boost stamina and endurance

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Frequently asked questions

First, we begin with an assessment session to outline what type of workouts appeal to you, what your goals are and reasonable timelines. We will go through a workout together so I can assess a starting point. Then, we will begin regular meetings to work towards those goals and see personal progress. 

I have been coaching since I was in high school where I was the captain and "swing coach" for my golf team. Those titles continued into my college career where I organized team workouts and gave lessons in my spare time. 

After college, I worked at OU Health Club where I found CrossFit and shortly thereafter became certified to coach it. After a time I purchased my gym and have coached thousands of hours and hundreds of clients over the years. I have picked up specialty CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, nutrition and various certifications to become more knowledgeable in the health and fitness space. 

Single Session: $50/hr

2x/Week: $390* (SAVE 10%)

3x/Week: $550* (SAVE 15%)

*Billed monthly, includes nutrition coaching. 

I just kind of fell into it. I have always been one to be very technical and knowledgeable about whatever my passions are. That led to sharing that knowledge with my friends and rising the tides for everyone. My guidance counselor definitely missed that part of my personality. 

Literally all ages and experience levels. We run classes from 5 years old and up. I've had clients in their 60's. Ones looking to build muscle and one's looking to lose weight. People just looking to do something different and sport specific training. I've covered pretty much all bases. 

Have a good idea of what kind of goals you have before you commit. 

What kind of commitment can you make? It doesn't really matter what it is. You can get progress with one time a week and minimal lifestyle changes. It's all about how fast you want to reach your goals. 

What sounds like fun? Because only the workouts that look like fun will really hold your attention. 

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