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Open Circle Warrior Arts

Offers online services
Offers online services


Open Circle Warrior Arts grew out of a passion for the martial arts. Sifu Wray has over 21 years of training in over 12 different martial arts and has been professionally teaching for just over 10 years now.

With master level certifications in Northern Shaolin Kung fu, a 3rd degree Master instructor of Silat and Kali, a 4th degree teaching certificate in Yang Family Tai Chi, As well as a black belt in Baguazhang. I have extensive training in HEMA, Chinese sword forms, and other weapons based fighting systems.

Facilitating growth within my students and watching as they progress into more confident individuals


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Foundational training is the start of all of my students journey into martial arts.  Just as I started over 21 years ago I still follow close to the same training I received when I was a student at the Red Phoenix Kung Fu and Martial arts Academy.

We work on finding the students balance first, then building their foundation.  After those steps we start working on the basics of the art that they wish to learn.  

I have 21 years of training in multiple Martial Arts.                3rd Degree Master of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu                      4th Degree Master Instructor of Yang Family Tai Chi                3rd Degree Master in Baguazhang                                          3rd Degree Blademaster of Silat                                            Extensive training in HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) 

I offer private, group and public classes. Message me for more details. 

I started teaching to help my instructors out in their own schools.  Natural progression and my instructors retiring or moving forced me to start teaching so I could continue my journey in the arts. 

I have taught hundreds of students directly in schools I have taught at.  Aside from that I have presented classes at national events all over the country to countless students in the last 15 years. 

I just recently taught Tai Chi and a guided meditation class to the Oklahoma Fall Arts Instute at Quartz Mountain.  It was an absolutely amazing event, the countryside and the people created a atomosphere of peace that brought me to tai chi in the first place.

Do your research and find the art that you feel connected to. Or find a teacher and try out a art that calls to you. 

Think about what your wanting, what your training goals are. 

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