Coach Me Lori B. (Yoga & Holistic Health)

Coach Me Lori B. (Yoga & Holistic Health)

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Greetings! Are you seeking simple ways to lose weight & keep it off for good without fad diets, boot camp style workouts, or surgery?

Welcome to your answer, I am your Coach Lori B. In 2014, I was in your shoes. My life was chaotic, I was burnt out & depressed , obese (224 lbs) with many health issues and I was only 22! Unfortunately, I was so unaware of my health until a traumatic life experience manifested. That event forever changed the course of my life...for the better.

Fast forward five years, I am now 100lbs smaller, cultivate inner peace & optimal health, an enjoying a life of fulfillment! I help women permanently reach their weight loss goals in ways that are simple, fun, and empowering. As a certified Weightloss & Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master possessing a B.A. in Sociology & Psychology I have the knowledge and experience to guide you along your weightloss journey.

My clients are women who are bold, brave, & beautiful beings transforming their lives through holistic health and fitness. If you feel you are any of those attributes and have tried everything & are ready to transform your life reach out to me ASAP. Living in your greatness is one call away.

Thank you for your inquiries and much Prosperity on your path. I look forward to guiding you on your weight loss journey.

Peace & blessings ✨

Everyday I get to fulfill my purpose! I help empower women mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally through their weighloss journey.

Let’s face it, women are the GLUE of all households. When we are at our best we are able to show up 100% for our families, friends, & employers.


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    Caroline C.

    I didnt realize yoga could assist in a persons weight loss journey. I find that amazing. Lori is very personable and has the ability to pull you into the process with her bubbly personality and calming voice.
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    August 30, 2021


    Tyler R.

    I attend Lori’s yoga experiences. They are always relaxing & VERY needed. She’s a great teacher who shares knowledge and wisdom during classes.
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    August 30, 2021


    Selina J.

    Lori is very accommodating. I requested her to do an outdoor session again (because the last one went so well). Unfortunately, it turned out to be very windy. The wind caused a disturbance in the session which took away from the meditative effect. Lori relocated to an indoor location and restarted the session to accommodate me. Highly impressed!
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    August 30, 2021


    Gwen A.

    I am active and lift weights, but I feel that this is what my body has been yearning for. Knowledgeable, inspired, loving, energetic
    This lady is incredible to work with! You will leave feeling good about yourself, empowered and even invigorated. She will tailor the sessions to whatever you are looking for/needing. I totally love her energy vibration!
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    March 22, 2021


    Wanda W.

    Lori is real!! I go away from every session feeling empowered and rejuvenated. I look forward to every encounter with her, knowing that I will take away tools that will help me continue to grow through my journey and achieve my goals. Thank you Lori for your kind and endearing spirit.
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    May 24, 2020


    L. F.

    I’ve known Lori for some time and to see her personal transformation is mind blowing. A few years ago I re-connected with her and she informed me of this new path she was on. She introduced me to Reiki and at first I thought, ummm what is this? Will it work? Is this real? I didn’t know what to expect, I thought it was a hoax but I was curious to try. First session we did was good but I didn’t fully understand all that had happened, the messages I received (due to me not being in tune with self and the universe). I reached out to Lori again, due to some issues in my personal life, and asked if she would do a session for my fiancé. That was a pivotal point in our life and his transformation. Later, I had my second session- it’s hard to explain. It was full of enlightenment, truth, emotions, clarity... it was like something I had never experienced. Lori is a true gift from the universe! She’s good at what she does. This is her calling and it’s only the beginning. The passion she has for helping others reach their full potential, their calling and live with a purpose is remarkable. I wish you nothing but peace, love, prosperity and blessings my sister. May God continue to use you ✨
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    April 23, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with new students, I always conduct a consultation. The sessions allow myself and prospective students to discover their goals, desires, & needs to ensure we both are great fits. Once, a student decides to work with me we will review packaging options for their individualized needs. 

    My programs are unique because they cater to YOUR specific needs. As people, we are all beautifully unique so your program should be tailored to YOU. For flexibility, I offer services in-person & over the phone/ video conference (depending on student’s location). 

    Programs range from 4-12 weeks to ensure optimal results for good. 

    My education & training comes first from personal experience! I created my programs from my weight loss journey of losing and keeping off 100 lbs for over half a decade. 

    Secondly, to ensure I remain an expert, I earned  certifications in the following: Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach,Yoga Insteuctor, Personal Trainer, & Reiki Master Teacher.

    Lastly, I obtained my B.A. in Sociology/ Psychology and worked in the Mental Health & Behaviroral Health field for almost a decade. 

    Since programs are individualized for Your unique needs, our compliments consultation will allow us to explore packages and pricing. 

    My teaching journey began once I made the courageous choice to transform my life. When I began releasing the pounds, family and friends were stunned at my accelerated results. They were amazed that in less than a year I had released almost 100 pounds. I started small groups with friends and family to share my tips, tricks, and shifts that led to success.

    The demand became more prevalent for me to share my tips, tricks, & shifts that I boldy chose to get certifications in areas that helped me along my journey. 

    After my certifications I made it my duty to work with busy, professional women looking to lose 50-100 pounds so they can live their purpose. I am passionate about serving the community so I began working with the youth in inner city schools to provide yoga, mindfulness and self-mastery classes to empower them to live in their greatness. 

    Many of my clients are incredible women who range from nurturing moms, wonderful wives, busy business professionals, & amazing millennials who all have become burnt out, out of whack, and stressed out. 

    Once these women partner with me, they feel a sense of empowerment, confidence, inner peace, & a strength that has been within all along. They just needed an energetic guide to help them remember their innate powers. 

    One of my clients and a good friend called me last week and exclaimed, “Lori, I am 12 pounds down friend!” 

    This brought me so much joy since her goal is to fit into her dress for her birthday July 4th. She has been very persistent since June 1st and is more than halfway to her goal. 

    Secondly, she thanked me for our session discussing the importance of forgiveness and how practicing forgiveness has allowed her to feel lighter physically, mentally, spiritually. She hadn’t realized how holding onto old baggage can cause us to express is through weight gain. Moments like these are fulfilling because weight loss isn’t just a physical act; it’s an act that affects you on all levels (holistically) mind, body, & soul. 

    I always encourage prospective students to get clear about how you want to FEEL once you are your ideal weight. Also, WHY is it vital for you to reach your desired goals. 

    Students that are desperate for change in their lives are who I attract. Simply, I was in a desperate space when my journey started. My life and health were literally on the line. So I only work with women who serious about weight loss, although, it will be simple, fun & empowering, it requires a lot of heart and dedication. Which, if you are reading this, that means you are ;) 

    Services offered

    Life Coaching