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Our training program is comprehensive. We work individually with people to help them get to their goals and stay there! Staying there is our focus. We educate and encourage our members along the way.

The best part of what we do is getting to be a part of amazing transformations. We love helping people build a new normal for themselves, something they actually like that is also healthy.


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Tracy C.

Like many, I’ve struggled with getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. I’d never been able to lose those last 10 pounds and eventually I’d gain it all back and then some. Every couple of years the same cycle. Motherhood changed my body in ways I thought I could never reverse or improve. I thought I would always be one way. I thought there were things I couldn’t do. There are people you meet in your life and wonder why you didn’t meet them sooner. Everyone has their story and everyone has their path. Regardless of what we might want the timing has to be perfect. The timing of my meeting Steve and how he has helped me change my life, believe differently, have renewed faith and knowledge in what I can do, was and is pretty close to perfect.
Since I started training with Steve a little more than three years ago I’ve lost approximately 36 pounds, cut my body fat percentage in half and gained approximately 12-15 pounds of muscle. It has not been easy. Every triumph came with a new set of challenges. I learned about nutrition and supplements to support my body for optimum health. I truly believe that learning about nutrition was key for me in finally losing and keeping the weight off. I am no longer dependent on cardio machines (although I use them a lot) and learned a completely new language like Bulgarian lunges, hip thrusts, wall sits and burpees.
What I thought was an ideal health goal for me mainly because of my past experiences and what I’d been told my whole life, Steve challenged. Not to be a certain number on a scale but challenged me to get fit and have a healthy body. Every time I hit a goal we set a new one. Every time, I put the work in, I got results. His idea of what I could achieve far exceeded any hope I ever let myself entertain before. And you know what? I hit it. Every time he challenged me to challenge myself, my body has been able to meet it. And I’m not done. I realized something during this process. I will never be done. There is no perfect. Perfection is a myth, a lie. It’s subject to someone’s opinion, not fact. If I have goals for my life in other areas and those change and grow from year to year, why would I ever think I could just workout for a time, become healthy, only to stop? That’s not a realistic expectation. I now know that this destination is just a momentary stop in my story. The journey will continue. I will continue and eventually I will reach the new goals I’ve set for myself going forward. The best part is being fit and healthy feels great and I’m happy!
I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
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November 29, 2016

Michael M.

I have had a gym membership in one capacity or another for well over 20 years and in visiting with those gyms, Ive had my fair share of experiences with the so-called professional trainers that are employed there. In all of of my years I have never met any as educated, inspirational, and motivating as Steve and the staff at Access Change. I admit that I had allowed myself to get into the worst shape of my life before reaching out to them. Although I have always been athletic, I had done no form of physical activity in well over 2 years following a sports injury. From day 1, they saw something in me that I was unaware existed and found ways to push me beyond my limits without ever making me feel uncomfortable. Their facility is extremely clean & organized & I never feel like Im at some type of meat market or fashion show like I do at other gyms. If youre tired of feeling lethargic and uncomfortable, give Access Change a call. You wont be disappointed.
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November 08, 2016

Frequently asked questions

For personal training we set up a one-on-one complimentary assessment. This isn't for judgement, this is to help us better understand what our members would like to achieve.

For our Fitness Class Memberships, we let people try them free for 3 days to see if it's a good fit. During this process we get to know their goal a bit better and help them find the membership that best fits their needs and schedule.

Our Trainers have multiple certifications:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Prenatal Postpartum Exercise Design, TRX, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and more.

Our pricing is monthly, providing either a certain number of classes per month or personal training sessions per week.

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