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Master Ken Nagayama is from Okinawa, Japan. He has over 40 years experience in the Martial Arts. Having trained in Moto Bu Ryu Karate, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Kendo, Boxing and many weapons forms, his abilities are as versatille as they are precise.

Master Nagayama began his teaching career in Okinawa, instructing students in the art of Moto Bu Ryu in the same school he learned in. Since 1977 he has been teaching in the Los Angeles area. For many of those years he was gaining experience in and teaching Tae Kwon Do.

It has been more than 20 years since Master Nagayama, through the integration of his many resources and knowledge, began developing his own Martial Arts style. He desired to teach a Martial Art that would be thorough, realistic, and strong, and it was from that desire that his own system grew.

Ken Nagayama Martial Arts is a combination of several Martial Arts styles. The foundation of this system is an Okinawan form of Karate called Moto Bu Ryu. Originally taught only to the royal family of Okinawa, Moto Bu Ryu was the highest form of Martial Art developed to help the royal family remain just that; royal.

Moto Bu Ryu training, similar to many forms of Karate in its teaching of all the basic movements, advances quickly into more difficult punching, kicking, and throwing techniques, and places a strong emphasis on the use of footwork to achieve fast reflexes and quick reaction to spontaneous situations. The flexibility created by the circular footwork movements of Moto Bu Ryu enabled Master Nagayama to successfully integrate the positive aspects of some other highly esteemed forms of Martial Arts.

Tae Kwon Do, a Korean Art, is most well known for its outstanding kicking techniques. Encompassing the widest variety of kicks, both basic and advanced, it requires flexibility, strength, coordination, and muscle control.

Aikido; the teaching of “defense oriented” throwing techniques. Based on knowledge rather than strength, Aikido teaches a student to give pain to and throw an opponent through the use of pressure points, locking of joints, and using the opponents own power against them.

By incorporating his extensive knowledge into the strong foundation of Moto Bu Ryu, Master Nagayama has created a well rounded discipline dedicated to both the mental and physical growth of his students.


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