The SuperHuman Formula... By Scott Aloha

The SuperHuman Formula... By Scott Aloha

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I teach people how to tap into their DNA to become stronger, smarter, sexier, and more vibrantly alive.

The SuperHuman Formula is about Optimal Human Performance... not only fitness, but nutrition, health, lifestyle, meditation, and biohacking (because I have a Master's in Physics, I understand the science of biohacking, too).

You learn using the best of the best techniques. My clients regularly say "wow, this is the first time I ____________".

You can fill in the blank... understanding is first, then understanding how to interpret your biofeedback is 2nd. It goes from there. We start with the brain, and the body follows, or we start with the body, and the brain follows.

I'm a Rocket Scientist turned Body Scientist...

I teach others how to BioHack their Body, Brain, and Life using a blue print from my own research, meta-analyses, and experience... formula to access your superpowers to become superhuman.

I get satisfaction from helping others, of course, but I especially like opening people's eyes to things they didn't realize before... things they didn't know before and things they couldn't do. We start simple, we make progress, and before you know it, you've surpassed your initial goal and you're setting new goals that you never thought you'd have.


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Offers online services

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    Michelle R.

    Ever heard of a personal trainer who does in-gym testing with diabetics to find the best workout for them AND lower their insulin usage? I have :-)
    Scott conferred with my doctor on a regular basis to help me understand that my choices and consistency have a direct impact on my quality of life and longevity. I want to be alive to see my daughter get married.
    Within 6 months of 3x/week workouts, I had cut my daily insulin usage in half, which directly correlates to life expectancy in Type I Diabetics. I was only doing what felt like the right level of exertion, and doing some in gym circuit weight training - recording blood sugar levels before and after each circuit, and adjusting my insulin pump accordingly. We learned a lot about my energy, my abilities, and what workouts were right for me. You can see from my photos that I lost a ton of weight, streamlined, toned up, got much stronger and even more athletic.
    After Scott left the Dallas area for Houston, I found another gym and personal trainer, but something was missing. So I made a couple of week long trips to Houston to work with Scott every day to fine-tune my program and get re-energized.
    After a year in Houston, Scott moved back to Los Angeles, and thats when we did online coaching from time to time to keep me on track.
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    May 17, 2020


    Gerard K.

    Life Coaching client of Scott - I was having a hard time with a few things - my health, my weight, and a few personal issues. He is so genuine and interested in helping me figure things out. Knowledgeable, experienced, sincere, caring, and helpful.
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    May 02, 2020


    Tammy R.

    Im a tennis warrior who was surprised that within 3 weeks of working out with Scott was getting curious looks by my coach and tennis club opponents. They were wondering how my forehand was blazing past them all of a sudden, and how I was returning balls that I wasnt quite able to get to in the past. It was my little secret. I was faster, more agile, and getting STRONGER in every way, and it felt great!
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    May 01, 2020


    Jennifer H.

    I came to Scott for painful knees - patellar tendinitus - not only did my knee pain go away, but I was doing strength training for my whole body before long. Ive had personal trainers before, but I got better results, faster results, and it was easier, less effort, less huffing and puffing and sweating. Eye opening experience!
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    May 01, 2020



    Whatever your reason for meeting with Scott, he is always figuring out what else can help you, because its all intertwined. I was in the gym with Scott, but he was helping me put some life lessons into perspective. Health coach, fitness coach, life coach. Its really a holistic approach to helping you be your best.
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    May 01, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    The SuperHuman Formula is a holistic approach to you as a human being... assessing what you need and then showing you how this formula will deliver both what you want and need.

    Depending on your priorities and needs, I explain options that allow you to make progress the fastest.  Then we decide the exact tailored approach together.

    We will cover mental, physical, nutrition, health, lifestyle, and biohacking.  If that seems like a lot, it all comes together easily once you start to learn.

    I have a BS and MS in physics, worked in the Space Shuttle Program at NASA, Johnson Space Center.

    Of course I have certifications in fitness and nutrition... including Corrective Exercise Specialist for NASM.

    I have been walking the walk my whole adult life and have a lifetime of experience helping people... from injured and in-pain to couch potatoes to advanced athletes.

    I have applied my knowledge of physics to biomechanics and the human body to come to The SuperHuman Formula... first for myself, and for the last 5 years with others.

    In addition... I have an insatiable appetite for learning, and I have done self-study in the areas of biochemistry, biophysics, meditation, and biohacking.

    Pricing goes from from an average of $35 to $100 per session depending on many things.  Call and let's discuss.

    I have trained a couple of military recruits for free... I'm sure we can find a solution, regardless of your situation.

    I played college baseball and saw a huge performance shift when I started doing real strength training.  My life changed forever as a result, and I have been learning and striving for optimal human performance ever since.

    It was when I was an engineer at NASA... but working out was a constant in my life... that I noticed personal trainers teaching things incorrectly.  I knew that it should be taught better than that, and so I began on that path part-time while still working at NASA.  My business took off quickly, and my hunch was right... people wanted to really understand, and they wanted real expertise.

    I have had a few careers, but the constant in my life has been fitness and health... and helping others to do what I do.

    I've worked with all types and ages, male and female... those who are in pain and dysfunctional to rehab and physical therapy, to couch potatoes of various types, as well as many athletes including pro athletes.

    A couple quick ones to start...

    1) type I diabetic who became an impressive human athlete and became much healthier, decreasing insulin usage dramatically.

    2) an elderly woman who was set to have double knee replacement surgery... I think my specific procedure was the reason that we knew in 2 weeks that she wouldn't need surgery.  It took 6 months before she was a human athlete with full functionality and the strength that she said made her feel like she was in her 20s again.

    3) many examples of recreational and competitive athletes in golf, tennis, running, volleyball, and baseball, where a dramatic shift in performance occurred within a few weeks or so of beginning The SuperHuman Formula.

    4) I helped a woman rehab her back, her hip function, her foot, and some ankle issues... she had undergone a few surgeries over the course of a decade or so.  After fixing some pain and functional issues, she continued with me toward a goal of completing a 35 lb backpack marathon march related to the military.

    The owner of a gym told her that she wouldn't be able to finish the march... it was too tough... she was 66. 

    She finished the event with ease, and has continued training into the SuperHuman realm at the age of 67 and 68.

    Regardless of subject matter, I look for help from individuals who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.  Experience, training, knowledge... those are all great, but when it's engrained in their subconscious, when they are living proof, and when they are passionate about sharing what they know with others... that's when you have the deck stacked in your favor to get much more out of it than you can imagine.

    Is this a sales pitch?

    Do I want to be like this person?

    Is this teacher going to help me become a little better, or dramatically better?

    When you've decided that this teacher is the one who can help you change your life... how much time, energy, and effort should you invest?

    A good teacher will be able to help you figure it all out.  Find a good teacher, and then just talk to them.  It's teamwork.

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