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My passion is to help people achieve their maximum physical potential. The first step to evaluate their spine and extremities to be certain they are ready to exercise. Eliminating nervous system "noise" will allow pain-free motion and allow the body to maximally benefit from exercise without damage. I have been in clinical practice for 38 years and use a very detailed system of analysis along with gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments to treat the spine and extremities (I am Advanced Profiency Certified in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique). I will show you exercises for your specific problems as well as general "core strengthening" exercises for general health. Nutritional counseling is also available as I am certrified in Applied Clinical Nutrition. See my website drfloyd.com for information about me and my approach.


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Serves San Mateo , CA

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Frequently asked questions

Detailed history and chiropractic orthopedic exam. 

Report findings and make recommendations to correct any problems revealed.

Start with exercises to correct spinal and extremity imbalances and weaknesses then proceed to general core strengthening and stretching. 

Discuss diet and role that good nutrition plays in optimal health. 

Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer-West.

Post-graduate training in Chiropractic Orthopedics.

Certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition. 

I started teaching early in my chiropractic career as I saw need for correction of specific problems that contributed to spinal problems and pain. 

I am somewhat of an exercise fanatic myself so I spend a lot and effort in motivating people to exercise...for the rest of their life. 

I try to convince them that they can be "younger next year" with proper exercise and urge them to the read the book by that name. 

Mostly those who have come to me in pain and they run the gamut from young to middle age to seniors.

I am seeing more seniors in our aging local population and see the effects of lack of exercise and failure of the medical system in teaching/encouraging healthful behaviors. 

Resolving a woman's sciatic pain in a short course of chiropractic treatment and allowing her to start walking and exercising again after years of depending on pain meds to get through the day. 

Be sure your musculoskeletal system is ready for exercise. Get evaluated by an expert who can correct problems before you begin stressing your body. Exercise is great but be sure you are ready for it. 

What is their entry point: what are they willing to do, what are they willing to stay with for the long run.  Don't deceive yourself. Be honest with yourself. 

Do you have limited time and have to exercise in small increments?  Do you belong to a gym or are willing to join one?

Do they have a friend they will partner with and what will they/can they do together. 

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