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Founded on the principals of excellence, ChairmanFitness™ provides a platform that allows us to produce some of the world’s best professional fitness training. By building a solid foundation of trust, expertise, and dependability, we’ve created a model that exemplifies high-quality service and client relationships. We’ve recruited some of the most intelligent and resourceful professionals in the industry. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional fitness environment. Feedback from our clients our allows us to modify our classes and business practices to ensure that each client has the most beneficial experience. With several elite trainers available, all you have to do is contact us to find the perfect workout schedule for you. Once we create your schedule, get ready to work!

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  • Karla Sanchez

    Omar and his team really take the time to work and understand me form a human level. I look forward to our sessions and i am very pleased with the progress i have made working with him. Highly Recommended:-)

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

Our offices are conveniently located inside Body and Soul Miami across from the Village of Merrick Park. Our facilities are home to experts of every major fitness category. We’ve put so much work into our facilities we take up the entire block! Once you become a client, specialists can help you with body sculpting, weight and suspension training, animal flow training, steel mace training, CrossFit, boxing and a wide variety of other fitness practices. We also have a smaller facility in The Fortress Gym in West Doral. We’ll find a solution to work with you to achieve your fitness goals wherever you are located. Each of our trainers is master certified and have achieved and elite level of experience in their professions. Our goal is to deliver world class service for each of our clients and practice by a quote mentioned by the founder Omar F. Cordero CMT® (Chief Master Trainer): “If you treat a client like any other client they will see you as any other trainer.” Check us out to really see that we’re not like any other private fitness practice around.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Omar F. Cordero CMT® is an Elite Master Trainer located at Body and Soul Miami in Coral Gables Florida. He is a Licensed Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Master Trainer with specialized certifications in Resistance Training, Endurance Training, and Fitness Nutrition. He has over 18 years experience working with many VIP high profile clients throughout South Florida. Omar is the creator of ThePumpMethod™ and the Pump24™ training series designed to help kick start metabolism for sustained weight loss. Additionally, he is recognized as a Sports Nutrition Specialist with the National Council of Strength and Fitness and is an Advanced Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting overseen by the United States Olympic Committee. Omar is an Instructor for Global Fitness Educators where he actively travels around the country preparing other personal trainers for their certification exams and continuing education courses via the NFPT (National Federation Of Personal Trainers) he is also a practicing Emergency Medical Technician, and CPR/AED certified with the American Heart Association. As a Fitness Specialist and Metabolic Conditioning Expert, he has been featured in numerous media outlets and Spanish television networks. He also speaks and conducts seminars educating the public on health and wellness. In practice, he focuses on weight reduction, body toning, and sports performance training and strategically specializes in 50+ Seniors combining exercise rehab methods to reduce pain and prevent injuries. Medical departments in the sports world now consist of a team of multi-disciplined physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength coaches, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals. As a practicing Master Trainer, he brings a team of experts and resourceful professionals that work together with him offering a holistic approach to his clients. Omar and the ChairmanFitness™ team provides personal training in Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell and South Florida.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

We have several programs please connect with us to discuss the right one for you.

How did you get started teaching?

I was an underweight young man back in the early 90’s and found the art of Fitness during my High school years. Being bullied in my later years in high school. My trigger point was the day I got randomly punched in the face. The weight room became my spot simply because I wanted to get stronger. As I was involved in many high school sports, it was very difficult to get me out of the weight room and head out to practice. I remember my coaches always having to come in and pull me out warning to cut me out of the team. Nevertheless, they did! I just wanted to lift. The desire to get stronger and gain weight was real and a passion was born. I went on to seek out many influencers and professionals of the time. Most did not give me much importance, and some did. I was just the kid who just liked to be around learning and watching their every move. We did not have the internet accessible in those days so whatever videos I could rent or people I can shadow was a big thing. I went to as many gyms in my area as I could to learn and watch the professionals at work. I had pictures of bodybuilders all over my room as it’s helped my stay in focus. I was simply obsessed!

By the age of 17, fitness would become and define who I am. From the moment I woke up, i made sure a fitness program was incorporated into my day no matter what. As this still holds true today this obsession would only become Stronger as years to come. Around my late teens and early 20’s I started noticing an interesting phenomenon as friends would mention that people just seemed to gravitate towards me for advice and to get a workout in with me. We had beepers at the time and I could remember that beeper always going off every day from different people with that special code. (Lets Workout) and this would only amplify in the years to come. One day in my circle of friends a parent came up to me and asked if I could train their daughter. She needed help and I was committed to help change her life. This ignited my passion to a whole other level and could not stop thinking of ways for her to become better and share the experience of Fitness.

This was to become my first client at the age of 19. Another client followed shortly after and another. Yet going though college I was guided to pursue a Business and Finance route in which I followed and later was working for various major banking institutions in South Florida. Having a successful career in Finance, fitness never left while the passion only got worse and the internal desire to help the masses amplified. I opted to ride my bike 15 miles to the office daily simply to make a statement, I would take off during lunch to run or work in the stairs of the buildings to prove that people could do it. After work, I would make it a point for people to see me going to the gym to prove a point. Needless to say, there would be time in which I would have to hide or lie for me to get a workout in as that took priority first then everything else continued. If you let people control your exercise time you will never succeed on consistency of fitness. During this time in Corporate America I experienced vast amount of knowledge to implement certain practices into fitness in order to help more people effective and efficiently. I continued to train more and more clients under the radar during after hours for many years.

Researching late at night and highly educating myself more and more in the science and art of fitness this was the point when my obsession took over and my thoughts and actions started to shift my reality of where I am today. I wasn’t until I noticed that everyone in every financial institution I worked for came to me for fitness routines and nutritional advice or simply wanted to run a workout in with me. I noticed something was off, I was being viewed as the fitness guy. When I noticed one day in a client meeting for one of the institutions I worked for we where talking about fitness and not the actually purpose of the meeting I then knew deep down inside the time was near.

I took it to a whole other level as during this point I remember drastically altering my body gaining massive weight to purposely become fat and losing it right off. These altering decisions where made to fully understand my clients from a physical and mental level that textbooks simply cannot teach. One night a successful client of mine said to me people are gravitating towards you and seek your help and guidance evetime you walk into this gym. This was not the first time I heard that. He mentioned I had a special gift I was just simply ignoring. Don’t let gods gift go to waste. Channel it now!!. All came clear to me from that day and decided to make small moves to transition silently and minimize the shock to my family and corporate network to simply become the worlds most sought out fitness trainer that not only makes a difference in people but touches the masses to empower themselves.

During this transition I made every effort to maximize my education and expertise to rise above the rest and will never forget years back when I finally jumped off the cliff to create a major Fitness Advisory Practice to passionately give my heart and soul to help others become a better version of themselves while maximizing health and wellness. As the famous philosopher Socrates one said: “No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable”

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