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Empowered Workouts: empowering individuals to transform their lives. You can try it alone or you can become empowered by a personal trainer. Empowered Workouts customizes workouts based upon your needs and body type and empowers you to push through barriers and make changes that are going to make you develop a healthier body, increase your metabolism and improve your overall body image. Gracia has a very extensive undergraduate and graduate education in the science of the body, which is the very philosophy she builds on to get in you in the best shape. Every body is unique and she believes in assessing every person individually based on their personal and specific needs. With Gracia you will be getting much more than a standard training or workout session, you will be getting support, motivation and importantly, education. With all of the choices and trends in the world of health it is her mission to educate and show you the importance of a balanced diet, workout and dedication to achieve desired results. Results are not only on the outside, as Gracia believes in working towards living a healthier and pain-free life. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles lead to scary and life-threatening diseases and stop you from really living. Gracia has both and extensive and loyal clientele and following and now she wants to work with you! Whether at the gym or in your living room allow her to begin to motivate and help you start living the life you deserve

I enjoy being able to put into perspective the tangled web of information out there in regards to ones health and wellness and provide each client the ability to believe they are always capable of doing something.


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    Gracia has a great deal of knowledge and experience and is able to really personalize workouts for each person.
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    October 15, 2018

    Jennifer M.

    Working on my weaknesses to make me stronger and balanced
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    October 14, 2018

    Loretta N.

    Grecia is caring and tailored my workouts to my needs, especially after a recent medical problem.
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    October 13, 2018

    Pattie P.

    Gracia is extremely knowledgeable in both physical fitness and nutrition. She has always answered my many questions to help and guide me to a healthier lifestyle.
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    October 13, 2018

    Pattie P.

    Gracia is extremely knowledgeable in both physical fitness and nutrition. She has always answered my many questions to help and guide me to a healthier lifestyle.
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    October 13, 2018


    Gracia structures her workouts with your specific needs and limitations in mind. She is careful to build on exercises slowly and with purpose to avoid injury while you gain strength and work all the muscle groups. She incorporates stretching and always asks for input on how your body is tolerating the workouts. In addition, her ability to explain how the bodys muscles work in conjunction with each other helps you understand her personal plan for you.
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    October 13, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    Each client will get to meet with me one on one for a Interview and Evaluation. I will learn all about your medical history, lifestyle habits, current goals and current fitness levels.  Each client will be weighed and body fat taken, put a treadmill walk test, various flexibilty tests to determine areas of restriction, strength trests to determine weaknesses and a postural assessment to paint the whole picture. Next, will I determine if your goals are SMART and help you prioritize areas of improvement and help you put a plan in place.  Finally, I will design the appropiate cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and mobility work to help you become the best version of  You!

    Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology

    M.Ed. in Exercise Science

    Certified Exercise Physiologist / American College of Sports Medicine

    Orthopedic Exercise Specialist / American Council on Exercise

    Functional Training Specialist / American Council on Exercise

    Corrective Exercise Techniques

    TRX Level 1 Qualified 

    Prices are based on number of sessions per week.

          1/2 hour sessions                        1 Hour Sessions

    1x         $20                                            $40

    2x         $35                                            $70

    3x          $45                                           $90

    I never really enjoyed your average gym class in high school. So, when given the opportunity to switch that over to fitness training I  did.  It was my sophmore year in high school i got involved with fitness and it has been part of my lift since then. 

    I have worked with clients of all ages. From being involved in a Cleveland Clinic program for children and their parents to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise, diet and behavior modification to working with the older adult with chronic disease in cardiac rehab program to regain their functional capacity, beginners just starting thier fitness journey to those who have fallen off the wagon and needing to find thier way again. 

    Whether you are just beginning your journey to a healthier you, are already on your way and looking to push past a plateau, want to get rid of the aches and pains that hinder daily life or reverse the symptoms of a chronic illness I can motivate and educate you on what YOU need.

    1.Research and make yourself familiar with different certifying bodies. 2. Know your needs and goals. 3. Know your limitations and define special conditions 4. Know what motivates you 5. Watch the trainer with other clients

    1. Can you commit to this? 2. Are you physically capable of doing the things you want or will it take you time to get there? If there are 10 steps in a process and you have never done any of them you can not expect to start at 5 or reach 10 tomorrow. 3. Do you want to do this? 4. Why are you considering this? 5. Who are you doing this for? 6. Are you willing to change the behaviors you need to in order to achieve your goals? 7. What obstacles will stand in your way? 8. How will you overcome them?

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