Aqualogix Wellness Training

Aqualogix Wellness Training

Offers online services
Offers online services


Thank you for allowing me to indrotuce myself:

I am the Founder/ Inventor of Aqualogix Fitness Systems

I have had the luxury of teaching , studying and practicing with the best Subject matter experts for over 35 years and have been able to achieve dynamnic results for hundreds of people.

* Specializing in total body firm and toning , Best Weight Loss elevated calorie burning through low impact interval style aquatic resistance training

* CORE STRENGHTING - Rodational resistance that is unmatched in any other training enviorment as only water can provide

* TOTAL BODY STRENGHT - Development of follow through activating all muscle fibers in any particular plan of movement as the water atomatically adjust in all ranges of movement.

* FLEXIBILITY - Duplicate YOGA and PILATES with Each movement allowing muscles to strectch in all plans of movement maximizing range for superior dynamic flexibility.

* CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE - allows the body to strenghten the heart to pump 20% more blood when in water and expanding the lungs as there is no better medium than water.

* Rehabilitation - Omni Directional drag resistance with infinate degrees of variability also makes Aqualogix the #1 choice for reintroduction of movement in Physical therapy.

* Having been a Two time Master Presenter at the International Aquatic Fitness Conference in Florida Created accredited Certification Course with AEA., and NESTA.

* Founded the Aquatic Research Fitness Foundation in late 90s featured on "LinkedIn"

Website Founder

Facebook account under Aqualogix

*Created and Designed the best Omni Directional Drag Resistance Equipment that is reconized as superior in the industry.

Having the luxury of training hundreds of people over the years is that the Aqualogix System value proposition is simply one can achieve superior fitness through specialized Omni Directional Aquatic Drag resistance training with lower risk of injury than traditional landbased training.

The equipment is hand held and foot worn and the person will achieve a total body workout as Aqualogix appeals to anyone seeking a happier , healthier productive life.

If you would like to better understand the dynamics of AQUALOGIX and how it will work for you kindly go to YOUTUBE and pull up Aqualogix or look at the many videos on the Aqualogixfitness website.

Best Aloha

Tad Stout


email: [email protected]


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21 years in business
Serves Encinitas , CA
Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Get them aquatinted with the gear and comfortable in the water and design and prescribe rountine that fits their needs.

    Certified  through AEA and practical application needs and direction for each individual , NESTA certified, and ISSN.

    $20 a session providing a wide range of Drag resitance equipment

    Strive for 3 times a week equals best results 

     12 sessions a month or more is the best for a total body transformation 

    Prices negotiable based on long term commitment  

    late 80s Certification through the AEA and Hydrotone 

    * The Marine Core

    * Wounded Warriors Army Aquatic Program 

    * Top MMA Fighters and a wide range of PRO Athletes

    * Cerificational training around the World.

    Training the Marine Core that ended up on every training base around the globe 

    check how long they have been teaching and their qualifications and success with there clients

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