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OC Personal Training

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Personal training and physical therapy combined. Focusing on getting to your goals while correcting/preventing injuries and posture/joint function.

Satisfaction of before and after results.

Also hearing the compliments my clients get everyday from random people and their friends and family.


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16 years in business
Serves Irvine , CA

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    Karleen G.

    I dropped 17% body fat, burned off 80lbs of fat, built 7lbs of muscle, got tone, fixed my back and shoulder pain, and restored my posture. I feel like a 20yr old again. Brad is the best trainer Ive ever worked with period!
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    January 03, 2020


    Paul D.

    I burned through 40lbs of fat and dropped 10% body fat. Even though Im 65 years old I feel and look like Im 40 again. His knowledge is amazing of the human body and being able to fix my joint issues while getting me into shape is an amazing feat. I will keep training with Brad for the rest of my life, being held accountable, pushing myself, and ensuring I have perfect form each rep. Thanks Brad!
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    January 03, 2020


    Kendra B.

    In 6 months training only twice a week I went from a size 10 to a size 2. Started at 32% Body fat, DROPPED 13% down to 19%. He helped me increase my confidence, dropped my body fat %, taught me about proper form, and helped me fit into the wedding dress of my dreams. Now Im looking great, and Happily Married. Thanks Brad!!!
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    January 03, 2020


    Nicole B.

    Before I saw Brad I had an extra 15lbs of fat that I wanted to get rid of. After he showed me how he helped many other woman look great I decided to give it a try. He taught me about nutrition, proper form, how to overcome the plateu that Ive been at for a couple years and pushed me through my workouts to make sure I was burning as many calories as possible. Ive lost all 15lbs and 6% body fat. I have increased confidence and feel so much better about myself!
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    January 03, 2020


    Raymond D.

    Awesome, educated, covenant, private and productive! Im not an easy sell and I came across and ad for this Gym with Masseuse to work together and they offered free session?! I called to screen this trainer (as I didnt want to waste my time) and Ive had trainers in the past, so I have some knowledge and experience- Brad gave me a break down on in improving my core (the foundation) for all my workouts and how in conjunction they may be able to help with chronic lower back and also waist pain (my weak points). Well Im open but a prove it type of guy. I was shocked after shocked, after working out (an education on posture, plus correction) and the deep (did I say deep) muscle massage... Honestly, I can tell you I now recognize when bad habits I have formed over the years, feel great and funny to say but I even walk differently. And Im not new to fitness world ! With the help of this gym, I have renewed my dedication to a healthy life- with Brads guidance and for that I will forever be internally grateful! Ive lost 20lbs of fat, and gained 8lbs of muscle in 3 months! Make the call and judge for your self, thats what I did and its working great for me!
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    January 03, 2020


    Claudia B.

    Brad has changed My life!!! Before I started at the facility, I had recently had a baby and did not recognize the woman that stared back at me in the mirror. I was 25 lbs over weight and felt so out of shape... Thru training 3 times a week and cardio and diet (which they also helped me with) I have gotten back down to my pre pregnancy weight and look better than I have in 5 years. This took only 4 months and I am now going to look so hot for my August nuptuals. Ive lost 5 dress sizes and 14% bodyfat! Thank You Brad!!! I could of never done it with out you and look forward to seeing how great I can continue to get!!!
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    January 03, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First visit, clients will do a fitness assessment.

    - Figure out your goals and give you a timeframe to reach them.

    - Nutrition coaching because it is 70% of your weight management results.

    - Assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a structured program to balance the body to stave off injury.

    - Address any muscle imbalances you may have and potential injuries that may occur due to having them.

    - Create a realistic program that you can handle on a consistent basis where you will reach your goal guaranteed.

    Certifications in:

    National Academy of Sports Medicine

    Corrective Exercise Specialist

    Performance Enahncement Specialit

    Professional Fitness Instructor Training

    National Council on Strength and Fitness. 


    Fitness manager for 24hr fitness for 2+years

    Master Trainer for 24hr fitness for 2+years

    $50 per session.

    Amateur Bodybuilder who loves to teach. So I decided to teach people how to get in shape without hurting themselves. Which naturally turned into rehabbing post injuries for countless clients. From knee pain, back pain, foot pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc. While getting clients to their weight management goals.

    All Various types. From 18yr olds to 80yr+ olds. Helped lose countless pounds of fat and increased strength and endurance for 100s of clients. 
    I am certified in physical therapy rehabbing joints and also getting people the maximal amount of sports performance as possible. So I have seen many clients and can help anyone. 

    Listening to my clients tell me how many compliments they get from their co-workers. For example my client Veronique said "People can't believe I'm a psychologist, they keep asking if I'm a fitness model."

    Make sure your trainer is certified with multiple certifications and has 5+ years of experience in training clients.. I used to be a fitness manager and part of my responsibility was to train trainers. Most of this industry are filled with trainers who train as a part-time job while studying another field. They charge much less per session due to that. The serious trainers have a degree or multiple certifications and have multiple years in experience. Also trainers who own their own fitness facility shows you how dedicated and successful they are getting their clients in shape. Their prices tend to be much higher, but you get what you pay for. Many train at public spaces which is fine, but not having a brick and mortar business isn't professional. 

    What their motivation is to reach their goal. You may have the tools and knowledge to get there, but make sure you know how will you stay motivated. Fitness is a journey not a destination. Treat it that way and fitness will always be apart of your life. 

    Services offered