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First I want to say, if You have requested a quote from me before and I did not get back to you within the 24 hour Limit, please try again. I look forward to all new clients.

I am a well rounded student of the art of fighting as well as the art science of boxing. I hold outstanding achievements as an amateur including national champ, DSD World champ, BFC world champ, CA golden gloves champ and competed in the Olympic qualifier trials. As a pro I am 6-0 (6kos). I served as a United States Marine for 4 years undergoing two deployments, one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Been trained in weight training from an Olympic weight lifter. And studied under a nutritionist, for 3 years,who has been in the field for 8+ well as taken college courses.

I love the challenge, the drive and determination it takes to do this. The mass amount of mental over physical requires. There’s no greater test of the mind and body working as one. No greater test of ones drive and will. The one thing that separates this lifestyle over all others is the simple fact. Boxing is life. Any lesson in boxing can be relayed to any aspect of life. Through my lessons you’ll learn how and why.


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M D.

Great coach! Very patient and fun!
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August 29, 2019


Myriam D.

I improved a lot with just a couple of private session . Jeremy is kind, patient and open minded (I trained with him in my late 40s...)
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August 29, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I always start with the stance or body positioning in any aspect of training. Your stance is your base and from there everything is executed. Technique is paramount in type of traing. Proper technique is impossible withou a proper stance.

ive been playing sports since 1996, football wrestling, boxing track, baseball. I’ve had coaches who have competed in Olympic wrestling and weightlifting, played D1 football. I’ve played football in the marines and have done weightlifting cycles on and off deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Along without daily research and study to gain knowledge in weightlifting health and nutrition. I’ve taken college courses in health and nutrition. I maintained and outstanding amateur record in boxing with many accomplishments. I am now a pro boxer 6-0(6ko’s). I will be world champion. All I know is work. 

Generally, I’ll say 50$/hour session as a single session pricex without any information on a potential student. But usually when one wants to train is for ongoing sessions. Because we know not one single person will master something in one hour. So I put together package deals based of each student as an individual. I’m known to work with people and their budget because I hate having to charge people high numbers, although the training is plenty worth it. You’ll find trainers with less credentials than myself charge more than twice as much. I just Have a passion for what I do and I love teaching it. But my kids have to eat so I can’t do it for free unfortunately. Contact me on my cell so I can gather further details of each other, you’re goals and expectations,  and work out a schedule to the best of your convienence. From there We can work out payments that work for both you and I.

When I started boxing, I put everything into it because I had a plan since day one and that is to be work champ and feed my family off of this. Putting everything into this meant sacrificing other things like a regular job. The best option for money was to tech because it kept me in the gym and around what I live without taking away from it. Naturally, my passion for this industry makes me a great teacher and it helps that I like spreading knowledge to people. So I guess I like teaching as well. It was only fitting and natural that I would eventually teach what I do, but I used to think that would come later, after I was no longer fighting. I’m glad to have jumped into teaching early because I defiantly enjoy helping other in their success. Building young minds or partaking in the work towards ahealthy life style of any person of any age.  

I’ve worked with students of all ages from 8 years old to ladies and gentlemen in there 70’s. I’m group seasons as well as one on one sessions. 

Working with my boxing class at Kraft maga academy of San Diego wa always enjoyable. Outstanding charismatic group of individuals. Teaching that class was always fun. A lot of hard work with a little laughter and a lot of smiles. 

Some important things that people miss a lot and should ask themselves when choosing an instructor is, where is the mindset of the instructor relations to the specific training? Why experience does the instructor obtain? Does the instructors teaching appl oncepts. (Can they teach you why and when to do something instead of just mimicking things they see).  does the instructor push you, correct you when you’re wrong, take the time to critique you’re technique and knowledge.  rather then Just tell you “good work” or “good job” all he time. Does the instructor have concern for your safety or well being? Are the teachings realistic?

Before talking about ones needs , students should first decide their purpose. What are they really they’re for. Ask yourself why you’re doing this and be honest with yourself. Some may have a change in mind of what they want out of it later on down the road. But it’s always good to ask you’re self why you want to be there. Besides that, one shouldn’t be concerned to much with asking questions rather than, to empty your glass, clear your mind. When begging one must think feel and be as if they have absolutely no knowledge of what they’re seeking to be taught. By doing that one will be able to take in information like a sponge and more efficiently learn the technique being taught, rather than attempting to apply what they think they know to what they’re being taught and somehow modeling the two into an incorrect technique. (If that makes any sense.)

heres a tip for any type of training. VISUALIZE

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