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Offers online services


It is abot you, not the style.

When clients see results and transform themselves.


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Offers online services

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I like that it is a very entertaining work out and the level of attention from Rosendo that you are doing the exercise right.
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January 30, 2017



I love training with Rosendo. He is a great Taekwondo teacher, professional and passionate. His classes provide the right amount of challenges customized upon each one’s characteristics. With his training I improved my flexibility and physical strength, not to mention my body shape and muscles tone. Besides the physical aspects, his training helped me to be more focused and concentrated; release stress and most importantly improve my self-confidence. Every one of Rosendo’s classes is a boost of energy and I am always looking forward to the next one.
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January 22, 2017


Sergio C.

I have weekly lessons with Rosendo who teaches me Martial Arts and Self Defense (mostly Tae-Kwon-Do with influences from other styles as well).
I find Rosendos lessons extremely effective to learn the art as well as to stay in shape and be well balanced all around. His holistic approach to the whole of Mind & Body combination together sets him apart from many others who only focus on either one or the other. Yet his lessons are very physically challenging and totally enjoyable even for those who just care about being fit and flexible!
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January 19, 2017

Frequently asked questions

1) Assessment - I find out your health history and give you a writen questionaire asking for a medical history.

2) Afterwards, I slowly introduce the training to ascertain your level of fitness and preventive measures.

I am certified second degree black belt in Tae kwon do with 25 years of experience as a teacher.  I have a Yoga background, meditation and fitness expertise.

I preferred lessons to be paid in advance.  

At first I began my training for the sole purpose of defending myself against bullies in high school.  I began helping other classmates during training and I noticed that it came natural for me to instruct others.  I guess because I always believe all of us are students no matter how much we learn.  

I love to train everyone especially who is willing to help others with their skills.  I've trained children, young adults and even the elderly.  I can say humbly that I am a good coach because I focus on your issues rather than what the martial art style has to offer.  It is about the student always! 

I train white collars professionals and I love to hear how much martial arts training have helped them cope with their owm issues and how to address their coworkers with a more control disposition.  What got them upset before, now doesn't face them anymore.  They are better at shielding themselves better from stress.  

I advise them that whoever they are hiring understands them.  A good teacher has a high sense of intuition and knows more or less what the student is looking for without the students telling them.  

Why the teacher does what he or she does?

Is the teacher humble?

Are you a student yourself?

Do you consider yourself a role model?

What makes you different than other martial arts teachers?

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