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Thrive Integrated Rehabilitation And Wellness

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Most personal trainers unfortunately get their certification directly from a certification company, where their training consists of reading a single textbook and then taking a test, with no direct teaching from a professional, and many of them do not pursue additional training. I was trained at one of the best personal training institutes in the country, with some of the best teachers in the industry. I have since continued my education with endless study, certifications and seminars, additional university education and medical licensure.

I also focus on unique individually designed programs to accomplish the manifold goals of my diverse body of clients, never using a 'cookie cutter' program. I am most satisfied if my clients leave my tutelage and care knowing how to continue on in health and success for the rest of their life. In addition to personal training, I am a certified neurokinetic therapist, enabling me to work as a primary rehabilitation specialist, and also bring other skills to the table from nutritional consultation to movement therapy and massage.


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Anjanette D.

I have worked with Corey for the past three months. I originally sought him out for fitness and weight loss but with the initial diagnostic tests discovered several postural issues that needed correction.
I am seeing some big changes that have also been noticed by others. I am impressed with Coreys professionalism and the trainers gym we work out in is well equipped and never crowded. Additionally, what stands out to me is the non-judgmental attitude of all the trainers and very non-jock atmosphere of the gym.
I highly recommend Corey if you are looking for consistency and growth.
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January 09, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I meet with all prospective clients for a free and obligation free consultation first, to discuss how I approach the process, to discuss styles and goals on both sides.  Personal training clients start with our first session (and part of our second depending on how extensive they need to be for a given goal set) going over assessments.  Whether this is body composition, blood pressure, Vo2max (endurance), or various other markers for strength, endurance, or functional performance (a sports specific movement, or simply being able to get up and down from the ground without help). From there, we dive into your goals, whatever they are.  This means session by session work as well as create a plan for what you can do on your own to pursue your goals.

  • Bachelors of Science at Portland State University.
  • Certificate in personal training from The National Personal Training Institute of Portland, a comprehensive education in the theory and practical applications of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and posture analysis in the exercise sciences.
  • Certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Certified Neurokinetic Therapy practitioner.
  • Neurokinetic Therapy assistant instructor.
  • Certificate in massage therapy from The University of Western States clinical massage therapy program.
  • Massage therapy and chiropractic assistant intern Health Centers of UWS 2015-16.
  • Massage therapy intern Compass Oncology 2016
  • Massage therapy intern Warner Pacific athletics program 2016
  • Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist: #22299.
  • University of Western States guest lecturer in rehabilitation topics.
  • Certified Rock Tape Fascial Movement (1&2) Taping practitioner.

Types of Training Offered:

  • Personal training: One on one training. $50/hr
  • Semi Private training: Two on one training. $35/hr each person.
  • Small group training: Up to four on one training. $25/hr each person.
  • Group Training (5-6 people): $18 each person.

Discounts and Deals:

  • Refer a new client and receive 10% of their first package towards your next purchase (minimum one free session)
  • 6 session package is 5% off: Save $15.
  • 12 session package is 10% off: Save $60.
  • 18 session package is 20% off: Save $180!

Everything from sports specific training, to bodybuilding, weight loss for health or aesthetics, and general health development, to movement therapy and clinical support for those with mild to serious movement deficits or serious health conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, or a range of autoimmune and nervous system disorders).  I love working on a wide range of goals and health conditions.

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