My specialty is corrective exercise, and injury prevention.

The reason I've chosen that is I've overcome a few major injuries(knee, and achilles among others). If you work out hard enough to get, or stay in shape the odds are sooner or later you'll have an injury of some sort.

I'd just like to use my knowledge to help prevent, and overcome those injuries to help you get, and stay in shape.

I design workout programs around customers needs/wants.


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Serves Seattle , WA

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    Ive worked out with Keegan for almost two years now. Hes great for getting in shape while preventing injury. I train both with him in person and with workouts he gives me through the Trainer Fu app.
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    June 21, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    The typical process for working with a new customer follows: 

         1. Initial contact: Gather information, and schedule a consultion.

        2. Fitness Consultation. A meeting where we briefly go over basic info not yet discussed, or in more depth like medical info, prior injuries, and of course goals, and expectations. This is followed by a sample workout determined by the results of a sample exercise. At the end, we decide whether to work together and discuss packages and scheduling.

    I'm certified by N.A.S.M. National Association of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Womens Fitness Specialist, and by T.R.X. as a Class Instructor.


    30 min sessions = $45/$35

    45 min sessions = $59/$49

    60 min sessions = $70/$59

    Small Group classes(1-2 people)                             $20

    Small Group classes (3+ people)






           I'm Keegan Thorpe. I'm a Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist. That means I've completed specific training to design, and implement Corrective Exercise Programs.

     I got my start in personal training rehabbing from an injury. I enpoy re-living that process through others by assisting them getting and staying in shape. I'm constantly trying to improve myself, and others.


          I have several other certifications but I'm  most proud of the fact that clients of mine say I'm equally encouraging, and willing to challenge them.

        Now the most important part, which is how can I help you?

    I've worked with a lot of people coming from Physical Therapy. Athletes for sport specific training, endurace races, marathons,and others who have goals from gaining, losing weight, or just feeling stronger.

    I have a few ongoing projects I'm fond of. Client A, has lost 40 lbs in a year, and lowered his body fat 11%.

    Client B has added 16lbs of muscle,and lowered his body fat by 5% over 4 months.

    Both are stronger, more flexible, more confident, and injury free!

    Be honest with yourself about expectations, and your comittment level.

    Be honest with yourself about expectations, and your comittment level.

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