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Offers online services
Offers online services


KAOS Performance Fitness is the leading personalized women's fitness training that comes to you. KAOS Performance Fitness is for busy moms who want to build strength and lose excess fat.

Unlike other studios, gyms or home workout programs where there is no customization specifically tailored for women, KAOS Performance Fitness has personalized women’s training programs that are created for pre/postnatal women and women entering menopause.

We help moms prioritize their health so they can take on life’s challenges.

As a mother of four, I know what it’s like to feel guilty for putting yourself first. When I first became a mother, I found myself putting the wants and needs of my family first and by the end of the day, I had barely enough energy for myself. I knew other women were feeling the same way when it came to their fitness goals. We create programs to make achieving their goals simple.

Since 2018 we have helped 25 women increase their strength and energy in the Sacramento area.


Hired 17 times
2 employees
6 years in business
Serves North Highlands , CA
Offers online services

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Credit Card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal

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Number of people

Individual training, Couples training

Event to prep for

No specific event, Athletic event or competition, Vacation, Wedding

Current exercise

Customer exercises 0 times per week, Customer exercises 1 – 2 times a week, Customer exercises 3 – 4 times a week, Customer exercises 5-7 times a week

Gender preference

Clients who have no gender preference, Clients who want female trainer only

Medical concerns or injuries

Back problems, Joint pain, Asthma, Pregnancy, Other injuries or medical conditions


31 – 40 years old, 41 – 50 years old, 51 – 60 years old

How often

Customers who want to meet 2 – 3 times a week, Customers who want to meet 4 – 7 times a week

Fitness goals

Lose weight, Get toned, Build muscle, Gain flexibility, Boost stamina and endurance

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    Shae M.

    My daughter learned a lot and really enjoyed working with Karlynn. She gained more confidence in her volleyball skills and we really appreciated Karlynns warmth, passion, patience, and knowledge. She was easy to work with, and we highly recommend her to all!
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    May 22, 2021
    Hired on Lessons


    Karen M.

    When I was looking for a personal trainer, Karlynns eyes are what caught my attention. She is very patient with me as I have had some back injuries that have slowed my progress. She listens to my needs and makes adjustments as she sees fit. She is super personable and has become a friend. I have been working with her for 6 months and have lost 30lbs. Working with her has also helped me mentally, decreased anxiety, decreased depression and an improved mood.
    Karlynn is worth every penny.
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    March 02, 2020


    Doug L.

    My daughter learned so much from Coach Karlynn. I came to her because my daughter needed help with serving. Within 3 lessons my daughter was able to get the ball over the net.
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    March 01, 2020


    Toni B.

    She is very patient with me and you can tell shes passionate about training.
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    March 01, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    When I begin working with new students I always ask what their goals are. I then do an assessment to see where they are at and to find any weaknesses that need to be addressed. At the end of the first session we discuss what I found and create a plan to correct weaknesses and get stronger. It's not just about fixing what is wrong, I want to create habits that last for a lifetime. 

    I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I am also certified Performance Enhancement and Certified Pre/postnatal coach. 

    CPR certified as well. 

    Clients can work with me 1-4 times a month for 3, 6, 12 months. The monthly investment range for any of my programs is between $366/month - $1682/month.  

    I have been coaching since I graduated high school. My high school coach thought I would be good at it and he was right. Since then I have coached 4 teams and so many individuals. 

    I decided to expand into fitness training because of my own fitness and postpartum journey. Through fitness I was able to redefine myself and figure out who I was in this new part of my life. Those experiences are what I use to train my clients. 

    I work with mostly clients between the ages of 35-45 looking to lose weight. However, I have worked with seniors looking to improve mobility and balance and pre/postnatal clients. 

    Recently I was able to help my fitness client get out of a plateau. We had been steadily losing weight when right after the holidays she stopped. I believe it was tied to her depression about a back injury. Once we were able stop focussing on what she couldn't do, she started to see a change. I also made adjustments to her supplements, and meal plan. Fitness is more that just physical, it's mental too. Everything is tied together. 

    I would tell them to find a trainer that listens to what you want but also addresses the other needs. The trainer needs to consider all health factors and your gender in order to properly train you. I make sure I take into account their mental health and what they do on a daily basis when creating a program. Most personal trainers don't know that women should be trained differently and  I am able to offer that. My goal is to help you get stronger, move better, feel good and lose some fat in the process. 

    Students should think about why they are needing the training?

    Are their goals realistic and something that can be measured?

    What will the training allow you to do?

    Do you have a support system to keep you motivated?

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