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At Promedex we strive to renew the health of our clients. Our staff is comprised solely of medical exercise specialist (CMES) and certified personal trainers (CPT). It is our duty to bridge the gap between clinical work and independent fitness for patients recovering from a wide range of medical conditions.

Due to our specialization, our team has a comprehensive knowledge of medical fitness. Our clients are referred to us after completion of their rehabilitation programs and now need a fitness program tailored to their particular medical conditions.

At Promedex we serve as a source of steady guidance for our clients, providing deep insight as they recover and work to achieve their health and fitness goals. It is our mission to turn the tide on physical-inactivty related disease, like heart disease and diabetes. We play a major role in improving the quality of life for our clients.


3 employees
5 years in business
Serves New York , NY


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Mike is a fantastic trainer. He knows exactly what Im capable of (even when I complain that I cant do it!). He pushes me, and because of his dedication, I have seen amazing changes in my body. Hes professional, punctual, and as committed to my personal goals as I am. Working out with Mike has completely changed not only my body, but my life. I couldnt recommend his training services more!
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January 25, 2018

Shanna S.

My trainer was Mike Alicea and he was fantastic! He kept the workouts both fun and challenging, so much so that the hour would zip by without me ever noticing! I feel healthier and more fit than when I started, and I learned a lot from our time together. I would recommend training with him to anyone - well worth the investment!!
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January 24, 2018

Cole F.

Mike is a great trainer. Hes attentive, hardworking, and encouraging.
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January 23, 2018

Rachel H.

I have experienced not only a change in my body, but also a change in my attitude by working out with Crunch. They push me past what I believe I can do, because they believe! And this, this has made all the difference! Working out is no longer a chore. Its become a time for me to push past my personal boundaries, to achieve success beyond what I thought was possible, and to make real and visible changes in my life. But also, they make working out fun (especially Mike!).
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January 22, 2018

Frequently asked questions

If you are interested in training we will speak over the phone to set up a date and time to do a one-on-one complementary assessment. This includes going over a health history form, talking about goals, taking initial measurements (i.e. weight and body fat percentage) and performing a small workout. After this is completed we will go over a timeline for the program and when you should expect to see your goals come to fruition.

* Metropolitan College of New York: MBA in Management (2017)
* Syracuse University: BS in Public Health, Minor in Policy Studies (2014)
* American Council on Exercise (ACE): Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) (2014)
* ACE: Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (CMES) (2018)
* The Biomechanics Method: Corrective Exercise Specialist (2019)
* TRX: Certified Suspension Training Instructor (2017)
* Escape Fitness: Certified Bulgarian Bag Instructor (2017)
* Strong First: Kettlebell Foundations (2017)
* Exercise Etc.: Certified Senior Strength & Condition Specialist (2018)
* Annette Lang Education Systems: Pre/Postnatal Certified (2018)
* Pronatal: Pre/Postnatal Certified (2018)
* Hyperice: Hypervolt Practitioner (2018)
* USA Weightlifting: Certified Level 1 Coach (2019)
Notable CEC’s
* ACE: Pre/Postnatal (2015)
* ACE: Boxing and Kickboxing (2015)
* Exercise Etc.: Sports Injury Rehab (2018)
* Exercise Etc.: Complete Foam Rolling Guide (2018)

1. Starter Package
*Save 50%, Four 1 hour long sessions for $75 each, these are regularly $150 each. The Starter Package includes;
- A workout schedule
- A complementary assessment
- Fitness homework
- Nutrition coaching
These four sessions expire 14 days after purchase.

2. Paid In Full (PIF)
* Single Session - $150
* 5 Pack - $700, $140 Per Session
* 10 Pack - $1,350, $135 Per Session
* 20 Pack - $2,600, $130 Per Session
* 30 Pack - $3,600, $120 Per Session
The Paid In Full includes;
- A workout schedule
- A complementary assessment
- Fitness homework
- Nutrition coaching
These sessions expire 6 months after purchase.

3. Month To Month (MTM)
*1XWeek (4 Sessions a Month) - $540, $135 Per Session
*2XWeek (8 Sessions a Month) - $1,040, $130 Per Session
*3XWeek (12 Sessions a Month) - $1,500, $125 Per Session
*4XWeek (16 Sessions a Month) - $,920, $120 Per Session
The Month To Month includes;
- A workout schedule
- A complementary assessment
- Fitness homework
- Nutrition coaching
These sessions expire 45 Days after purchase.

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I started playing sports at the age of 3 and haven’t stopped. I was involved it everything from martial arts, football, baseball, track and field and much more, so training became second nature to me. In 2014, I decided to get my personal training certification and I fell in love with being a trainer. The more I learn in this industry, the more I want to learn and pass that knowledge along to my students.

I don’t have a “typical student” all the people I’ve worked with varying physical abilities. I’ve had clients that used to play collegiate and professional sports to clients whom come in needing a wheel chair to get around, and everything in between. As I go forward I look to work with more special populations, such as post rehabilitation patients, but I’m happy to work with anyone who wants to learn more about fitness.

One of my most proud moments was when one of my older clients told me that I not only changed her life, but saved it. When she first came to me she suffered from severe knee and back issues along with frequent gout attacks. Her knee problems where so bad that she could only use the elevator when coming to see me. After working (and continuing still) with her, she can use the stairs unassisted, is 3 inches taller from “straightening out” her back and has lost 7 inches around her waist.  

Look for someone you get along with. This is “personal training” so it’s a good idea to have a great relationship with the person who’s training you.

I would advise them to ask the following questions;
- How long have you been training in the industry?
- What certifications do you hold?
- What continuing education are you looking to pursue?
- How many people have you worked with?
- What type of people have you worked with?
- Is this your life long career or is this a stepping stone for something else?
- How often should I work with you and do you assign “homework?"

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